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Next Step for your Internet Business : Analyze the Idea (Niche) and choose the right Keyword

August 12th, 2010 No comments

Today, i will continue the lesson about build internet business. If you don’t understand what i mean (its mean that you haven’t read about them at all), i suggest you to read my post before. The last thing i wrote is about find and idea. That’s the first step you have to do if you want to build internet business. After find an idea, the next step is analyze the idea. This is one of the most important step from all progress i mentioned in Step By Step to Build Internet Business. If you wrong to do this, you’ll be wrong on the rest of your business.

So… What do i mean analyze the idea? Let’s back to business analogy like what i explained in Step by Step Guide to build Internet Business again. Let’s assume we have an idea to build a supermarket in our town. The first thing we must check is the demand (how much people want to buy in our supermarket). The next step is to check our competitior. Is there already a lot of supermarket in our town? After check all and we still see a good opportunity on it, we can go with the plan. The analysis step in online business is similar with what we do in real business. I’ll pick one example. Let’s assume we want to build a business that focus on wedding gift in internet. The first step we do is analyze the demand (How much people want to buy).

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First Step to start your Internet Business : Find an Idea and Niche for your Website

July 13th, 2010 4 comments

If you’ve read my previous article Step by Step Guide to build Internet Business, so now I’ll explain a bit more detail about each step of the flow. For those of you who have not read, I suggest you to read this post first. Okay … as I’ve explained before, that the first step you should do to start internet business is to find ideas. Actually this step is exactly the same in the real business world. Before we open a business whether it be a store, factory, or a company, first we must decide in what field / sector we want to deal for our business. After knowing in what field we want do then we’ll find market opportunities that exist in it. In the world of internet marketing, this is known as a niche.

For example:
Themes: Wedding

Niche: Wedding Gown, gift for guests, wedding party, wedding rings, honeymoon travel package, service, event planning, restaurant or place of the party, invitations, video recordings, etc..

The first step is very important. Because without this first step, then we can not build any business. And more than 70% of people who fail at the internet business is failing in this first step.

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