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How to place HTML Tags and Code on our Blog Post in Blogger

July 7th, 2010 No comments

When you writing a post on your blog, sometimes you want to include HTML tags or code into the post, especially if you're writing a blog about about making website with HTML or the HTML tutorial. You have to demonstrate it by telling any formula in the HTML code into the post. Well .. Did you know that not all the HTML tags and code can be written in post by simply typing a character on keyboard or by copy paste the code to your post (This at least applies to Blogspot. It shouldn’t be a problem to type directly on WordPress).

For example, if you want to write HTML like this sentence:

<b> example of bold </ b>


Re-Learning Web Programming : HTML Basic Guide

April 19th, 2010 4 comments

Some days recently, I rarely updated my blog. In addition to many family issues, now i’m busy re-studying on web programming techniques.This is kinda weird, because i majored in engineering informatics. There I learned a lot about web design programming. Actually, in college, I had time to explore web design techniques ranging from HTML Coding (include old fashioned way using notepad and new ways using third party programs like Dreamweaver or MS Frontpage), Web Database Programming, ASP, PHP, and other techniques. But maybe because since graduated from college until now, i’ve never worked in occupations that require a lot of web programming, I finally forgot.

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