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Google Search Engine Appearance Changes from 1998 to 2012

October 1st, 2012 No comments

Search engine is one of the most important innovative thing that ever created in internet world. If i remember 10 years ago, in the beginning of internet era, without search engine we have limitation to know or learn something we don’t know. But now, using Google we can easily know and learn everything. Until now, Google still dominates and become the most visited website in the world. If you have been using internet since the beginning of internet era (1990s), you must be recognize how Google transform from a simple search engine become a search engine that have a lot of feature such as Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Adwords & Adsense, Blog (Blogger), Video (Youtube), etc. But even have a lot of amazing feature, Google always keep their simplicity for their search engine. Let’s see how the Google site interface change from time to time.


google 1997

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Type “Zerg Rush” on Google and see What Happen

April 27th, 2012 No comments

When I visit my Facebook, i saw one of my friend wrote ‘type “zerg rush” on google and see What Happens‘ on his wall. This make me curious. So i immediately try it. When i try to type myself in Google, there was something surprising happen. The O letter suddenly appear from above and changed into Zergling creatures and then began attacking your Search Engine Result Page. It turns out that this is one of hidden Easter Egg that Google created.


For those of you who do not know what is Zerg, Zerg is a race in Blizzard game, Starcraft. Zerg Rush is one of the strategies employed by professional players to win in Starcraft battle game.
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How to Add Google +1 Button Below Post Title in Blogger (Blogspot)

April 26th, 2012 No comments

To complete my previous tips about How to add Facebook Button and How to Add Twitter Button on your Blog, this time I will also give you tips How to Add Google + Button in Blogger. Although not as popular Facebook and Twitter, Google + is one of the biggest social media in the world. Moreover, in the future Google is likely to include Google Plus as influence factor in SEO. So it will be better if we build network in Google + from now on. How to add Google button + similar like how to add Facebook and Twitter button on my previous tips. It is very easy.

google plus button in blogger

Here are the steps:

1. Login into your Blogger Dashboard and choose blog you want to modify.
2. Click Template and Click Edit HTML.
3. Click Proceed and don’t forget to check Expand Widget Templates checkbox. Read more…

Google Project Glass : Futuristic Technology that will change the World?

April 5th, 2012 No comments

If you are fan of Dragon Ball Z series, you certainly knew there was a tool shaped like a radar glasses that are always used by Freeza troops and Saiyan people. This radar glasses can help us to determine our location and other people location. Well … What happens if that kind of glasses really exist in real world? It is not impossible after recently Google is developing a project called Project Glass. This was revealed yesterday. Google publishes information about this Project Glass through their Google Plus page.

emily wearing google glass

What is Project Glass? Project Glass that could also be called Google Glass is an innovation glass (eyewear) product that invented by Google’s innovation team. Google is currently developing a glass that use the latest technology to help our activity every day. Project Glass is minimalist shaped and there are front facing camera and microphone installed in it. These glasses will be operated using voice input interface. Read more…

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Maximize Your Google Adsense Income using Google Analytics

October 21st, 2010 1 comment

There are many people i know can live in luxury just depend on income from Google Adsense. If you said that is something too good to be true, i think you just don’t know enough how to make money using Google Adsense. Based on my experiences, Google Adsense earning highly impacted by the traffic of your website. Large amount of traffic to your website usually generate good adsense income. But sometimes huge amount of traffic is not a guarantee to increase your Adsense income. Analysing and research deeper about your website will help you to maximize your income. To do this, you’ll need Google Analytics.

In this article i’ll give you step by step guide how to use Google Analytics to help you maximize your profit (especially Adsense). The first thing you must do is link your website into Google Analytics account.

Link Your Website to Google Analytics

To make the data of your website appear on Google Analytics, you have to link your website with Google Analytics.

If you already have Google Analytics account then go directly to, if you haven’t just create Google Account first then go to and follow the instructions.

First you have to add your website domain into Google Analytics.

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Nostalgia with Google’s Pac Man. Back to old times

May 26th, 2010 2 comments

Today while browsing, I found an interesting article … What is it? This is related with the Google logo a few days ago. Whether you noticed or not, a few days ago, those of you who signed into Google would notice that there’s something different with the logos of it. Yes … Google logo is replaced with the logo of Pac Man.

Coinciding with the birthday-30, Pac Man is indeed one of the legendary game that is one of the early generations in the world of gaming. For you who have a chance to know this logo, have you also tried to play Pac Man Google’s version game on it? Read more…

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Lovely Google Finance New Interface

July 10th, 2009 2 comments

Google Finance is one of my favourites website to visit. Yesterday, i found something different in this website. Yes. If you frequently used this web too, you will know that there are a lot of change in this web. After trying it about 2 hour, my impression is very very good. I’m impressed with the change. Here are the significant new features that i love from the new interface.



new Logo. very nice

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