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5 Things you Must Avoid to Survive from Google Panda Algorithm

April 19th, 2012 4 comments

This last 2 year is crucial moment for internet marketer who use the Google as main traffic source of their website. Why i can said that? Yes, various updates from Google, Google Panda began to wipe a lot of website. Several banned, deindexed and drastic drop on traffic are the effect given by Google update. Not a few websites that already have dozen thousands of visitors suddenly dropped become zero. I myself have several websites that got hit by recent Google Panda update. Fortunately, websites who got hit do not give too much earning for me.

google panda

Google Panda seem change a little bit SEO paradigm that have been implemented by many internet marketers for years. Many SEO techniques that used to be very effective is now no longer so influential in raising rank your website. The new algorithm update even punish websites that implemented excessive SEO. Google has penalized thousand of website this years. Penalties can be reduction in rank or deindex from Search Engine. Read more…

My Blogger Website have only 26 Submitted URLs in Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap. How to fix it?

March 18th, 2012 5 comments

One of the most important factor for your website to be visited by many visitors is reach a good ranking in Google Search Engine. However, to be ranked at Google, first of all you have to make sure that your blog posts/pages already indexed by Google. One of the main tools to manage this index thing is Google Webmaster Tools. Via Google Webmaster Tools, we can submit XML Sitemap of our website to get indexed in Google. But some time ago when I checked some of my old blogger blogs, I find something strange. It turns out that my blog 2 not fully submitted in Webmaster Tools. Both of the website have only 26 submitted and indexed URLs. After I did resubmit sitemap, nothing has changed. Website still only have 26 submitted content. So, how to resolve this? Follow these steps to resolve this issue.

26 url submitted in google webmaster tools Read more…