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Google Search Engine Appearance Changes from 1998 to 2012

October 1st, 2012 No comments

Search engine is one of the most important innovative thing that ever created in internet world. If i remember 10 years ago, in the beginning of internet era, without search engine we have limitation to know or learn something we don’t know. But now, using Google we can easily know and learn everything. Until now, Google still dominates and become the most visited website in the world. If you have been using internet since the beginning of internet era (1990s), you must be recognize how Google transform from a simple search engine become a search engine that have a lot of feature such as Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Adwords & Adsense, Blog (Blogger), Video (Youtube), etc. But even have a lot of amazing feature, Google always keep their simplicity for their search engine. Let’s see how the Google site interface change from time to time.


google 1997

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Indonesian Independence Day 2012 Become Google Doodle for Today

August 17th, 2012 No comments

Happy Independence Day Indonesia… Today is the day where we celebrate the 67th years anniversary for The Proclamation of Indonesian Independence Day that was read on August 17,1945. It means that we have been independent from all other nation colony for 67 years. What make today is special is the appearance of Indonesian Independence Day as Google logo for today.

indonesia independence day 2012 in google doodle

Until today, there are not much people who know about Indonesia. Based on my experience when i studied chinese language at Tianjin, China, i found that there are a lot of foreign people who still unfamiliar with Indonesia. This is a bit contrast, considering that Bali Island (one of Indonesian province) is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. So, thanks to Google for put Indonesian Independence Day as Google Doodle for today. Read more…

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