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Toshiba Tablet & Blackberry Playbook : New Competitors of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab in Tablet Segment

January 10th, 2011 2 comments

On 2011, tablet computers become more popular. Technology seems shift to gadget with high perfomance. Not just as lifestyle, but to support company perfomance. Lets pick an example, Toshiba with its new Toshiba Tablet and Research In Motion with its Blackberry Playbook.

Toshiba seems try his luck on tablet computer by offering 10 inch tablet that claimed have price more friendly than Apple iPad. Tablet will be released in 2011 will use new Android Operating System, Honeycomb. In this 1.7 pound gadget will be plugged mobile processor Nvidia Tegra 2. There will be wifi connection. Unfortunately, this gadget can’t connect to mobile phone. Toshiba will sell its tablet price at USD $499.

Jeff Barney, General Manager of Digital Product Toshiba USA, affirm that this tablet is created for executives & professionals who work in a company. “This is the first, we will embrace tablet computer segment. Next, we will inovate with other tablet computer product”. he said for Reuters.

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How to Add Google Translate Widget in Your Web Site

July 19th, 2010 3 comments

Several years ago we still had a problem with language to attract visitors from all over the world to visit our website. But thanks for Google. Because of their powerful technology, we do not need to open our dictionary each time reading an article on the internet. Just use Google Translate, and we can easily read foreign language we don’t understand. The common way to translate a website is enter and enter the url you want to translate and click translate. The other way is search on the google search engine and click “Translate this page“. But don’t you know that you can even add google translate feature on your website? With google translate feature, you don’t even have to open anymore.

This will make an internet user who visiting your website can directly translate your website without enter anymore. Just choose the language from your website, and it will directly translated into the language choosen. Read more…

How to solve missing Adsense Gadget and disappeared Adsense Tab on Monetize in Blogger

July 2nd, 2010 6 comments

Recently I found a problem on my blogger blog. This is just a small problem but quite annoying for me. I miss the option to Add a Adsense Gadget feature in the layout screen on Blogger. Usually if we click Design and click Add a Gadget there will be 20 gadget choices on popup. But one of my blog has only 19 gadget choice (and the missing gadget is Adsense Gadget). The same thing happen when i click Monetize on Blogger menu, there only one tab shown which is Amazon Associates. All Adsense tab like Adsense Overview and Adsense For Feeds is missing.

After query some search on Google and Blogger help, i couldn’t find any answer to solve this problem. And then i tried to check my blog setting more deeply. And the problem is solved. So if you have the same problem with me, just read this guide below.

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