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Most Recommended Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons for Everyday Use

May 24th, 2012 2 comments

When talking about internet browsers applications, we will remember 4 big names, which are Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Each internet browser has its advantages and disadvantages. Among four internet browsers, i prefer Firefox and Chrome. Why? Only both of them that was supported by additional add-ons (extensions in Chrome). Because i use Mac OS X, i ever tried to change my default internet browser into Safari. But after 3 weeks of using, i decide back to Firefox. The reason is simple. Safari didn’t have add-ons like Firefox. There are a lot of useful add-ons i usually use while browsing.

mozilla firefox add on

Based on my opinions, one of the Mozilla Firefox superiority among other browsers is the completeness of their add-ons. Even when compared to Google Chrome, i think Firefox Add-ons still more complete than Chrome Extension. But Chrome is growing really fast. There are a lot of developers who create unique extension to support Google Chrome. I think, just in few years Chrome Extension will surpass Firefox Add-Ons. Read more…

Change your Mozilla Firefox Skin Browser Theme with Personas Add On

September 21st, 2010 1 comment

Are you bored with the view of your Mozzila Firefox? If yes, now Firefox browser skin can be replaced with another themes according to our choices. We can dress up our browser with our favorite themes. With thousand of themes you can choose, i can make sure that you will be more enthusiastic while browsing or blogging. To change the theme is very easy. Just install Personas add-ons on your Mozilla Firefox. Want to know what themes you can choose on this add-on? Here some of themes on Personas official website you can choose.

The picture above is one example of firefox theme you can choose in Persona Add-On. There’s still more firefox themes you can choose that match your tastes. Read more…

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