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50 Sign Falling in Love

November 4th, 2010 4 comments

Have you ever falling in love before? The felling suddenly come and sometimes we even don’t realized it. Sometimes we became someone different when falling in love. But, there are many people don’t realize that they are falling in love.  I ever read an article about this in a local magazine here.

Today, I’ll rewrite the article here. Hope this will help you to know are you falling in love right with somebody or not right now. If you already know, just let him/her know what you feel.

Here are 50 signs someone fall in love :

1. You see there is something different inside him/her you want to know
2. Feel there is something that tickles inside you
3. Like to smile or laughing by yourself without reason
4. Like surreptitiously look towards the target
5. If he/she look in your direction , the heart feels like going off Read more…

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