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17 Facebook First Employee

September 13th, 2011 Comments off

Nowdays who does not know Facebook? Almost all internet users have Facebook account. Although it was active since 2004, but the number of active users registered on Facebook until today has reached 750 million people. This make Facebook become the most used social networking services by monthly active users, followed by Myspace. Many people know the success of Facebook is the creation of genius man named Mark Zuckerberg. Besides Mark Zuckerberg, there are three other people who are developed the software for the first time. They are Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. But maybe only few of people who know that in the beginning Facebook actually only have 20 employees. As comparison, until today the number of employees who works in Facebook already reached over than 2000 people. You probably never heard of these employee names, because some of them are not very well known. They are used to be the person who responsible for such a comment feature, photo applications, ability to tag friends, and even the color scheme on Facebook.

Many of these first employees are no longer in the company. Some went to join with other leading companies like Twitter, and some others start their own companies like Quora and YouTube.

Those who still works on Facebook now has an executive position. From the first 20 employees, only two were women. Read more…

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