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Currensee, Social Network for Forex Trader

January 5th, 2010 No comments

Yesterday is our first day of this year to trade. Stock Market seems go very bullish. S&P 500 advance about 17.89 point (1.60%). A good start in this new year. For forex there seems Dollar weakness dominates yesterday movement. I got so lucky yesterday, i trade 11 times and have 100% win. So a blessing day in the first day of 2010. You can see in my statistic below.

Picture 2

This is the data shown by the website called Currensee, its a social media website specially for forex trader. If you haven’t registered to it, i recommend you to register. Everybody knows Twitter, Everybody knows Facebook. But for Forex Trader, i think common social media site is not enough. I think this site is worth to consider. Read more…

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