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Chinese New Year – The Tradition and Its Meaning

February 15th, 2013 No comments

When some countries are welcoming Valentine’s Day, chinese people are busy preparing their most important day of the year, which is the 年节 Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year). In China, it also known as 春节 Spring Festival. The derivative term of it is 过年, which mean “pass the year”. I myself as a descendant of chinese people, even though I live in Indonesia, I also celebrate the chinese new year festivities every year. Chinese new year is the moment when we usually gather as family together. In my house, i also have a tradition to pray to my ancestors by offering food and fruit in a table. This is a form of respect to our ancestors. Beside those two activity, there are still a lot of tradition we usually do during chinese new year.

chinese new year 2013

Along with the development of technology, many people start to leave this tradition. To provide some enlightenment, i would like to share with you about what tradition we usually do during Chinese New Year and the meaning of each activity for our life.

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