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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 天津之眼幕天伦 Tianjin Zhi Yan Mu Tianlun (Tian Jin Eye), 古文花街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street)

July 10th, 2011 4 comments

Last Week, my girlfriend’s sister came to Tianjin. Because of that, recent days i and my girlfriend take her walk arround Tianjin. Today, i go together with them walking arround to 3 beautiful places in Tianjin, which are 天津之眼幕天伦 Tianjin Zhi Yan Mu TianLun (Tian Jin Eye), 古文花街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street) & 意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing (Italian Scenery). Honestly, i already go to all of these places before. Unfortunately it was going to rain when i went out from my dormitory. And its true, while in the bus on the way to Gu Wen Hua Jie, its was already rained. Because of rain, i decide to go Tian Jin Eye first before go to the 2 other places. Because Tian Jin Eye is the only places we can shelter from the rain. I go by bus 846路 and down at 大胡同商贸中心‎. From there i take a small vechile arround there to deliver us to 天津之眼幕天伦 (Tianjin Eye). It’s cost about 10 RMB.

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Travel in China : 吴桥江湖文化城 Wuqiao Jianghu Wenhua Cheng (Wuqiao Acrobatics World in Wuqiao Cultural River and Lakes)

June 18th, 2011 No comments

Today I join the travel tour organized by the school with all the disciples of Foreign Student that currently learning in 天津科技大学 Tian Jin Ke Ji Da Xue (Tian Jin University of Science and Technology). Together with approximately 30 other people, we depart from our campus by bus. During the trip, one of my college teachers say that today we will see a Chinese Acrobatics Show at the Wuqiao. 吴桥 Wuqiao has been known as the hometown of acrobatics. One local folk rhyme explains : “All the people including the 99-year-old senior ones and the toddlers are good at acrobatics.” With many outstanding acrobats, Wuqiao is known as the “cradle of the world acrobatic arts”. I myself also ever watched the show several times when the group of acrobatics artists from China came to Indonesia. So far, China is famous as the place of origin of the great acrobatic artists. It is interesting to see the acrobatic show in its original place. After traveling for 2 hours more, I finally arrived. The place i visited this time called 吴桥江湖文化城 Wuqiao Jianghu Wenhua Cheng (Wuqiao River and Lakes Cultural City).

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 滨江道 Binjiang Dao (Binjiang Business Street) – China Longest Shopping Street

June 10th, 2011 No comments

Until today its already about 3 months i have been in Tianjin. Incidentally some of my Indonesian friends invite me to go for dinner and having fun together. We went together for a walk into the most crowded place in Tianjin which is 滨江道 Binjiang Dao (Binjiang Avenue / Binjiang Business Street). With well-stocked shops, Chinese-Western architectural buildings and crowded people made up the bustling metropolis while tourists regard this area as one the most famous shopping areas in Tianjin. This place is one of must visited place in Tianjin. From what i know, this place recorded as the longest shopping street in China (maybe also longest in the world? hmmm… i am not really sure). I am sure if you want to explore all the stores along this road it could take couple of days. I myself very often come to Binjiang Dao to just have dinner, hang out or window shopping with my girlfriend and my friends.

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing ( Italian Style Town)

June 3rd, 2011 No comments

About 3 weeks ago, my roommate said he just went with his friend to the 意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing (Italian Style Town / Italian Scenery). And he told me that the place is very romantic and extraordinarily good. I’m frankly so curious to go there. Therefore when i am in the class, i casually conferred with other Indonesian friends to go there. After being delayed for up to 2 weeks, finally yesterday I went to the Italian Style Town. Before go to this place, we take a walk in 滨江道 Binjiang Dao (Bin Jiang Ave). After crossed the 北安桥 Beian Qiao (Beian bridge), finally we arrived at Italian Scenery. This place really different compared to other place in Tianjin. Being there, i felt like i was not at China but at Italy.

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 水上公园 Shui Shang Gong Yuan (Water Amusement Park)

May 21st, 2011 No comments

Today weather is not as cold a few days ago. So i think it is the right day to go for a walk. And today I return to visit the largest park in Tianjin whichis 水上 公园 Shui Shang Gong Yuan (Water Amusement Park). Actually this is my second time visiting here. Previously I’ve been here with my girlfriend, my roommate (Korean people) and 2 of his Korean friends. This time I went with two Indonesian friend and one Russian friend. In my previous visit I spent many hours in the  天津 动物园 Tianjin Dong Wu Yuan (Tian Jin Zoo), this time i spent several hours play on some attractions in its Amusement Park.

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 鼓楼 Gulou (Drum Street)

March 26th, 2011 No comments

It has been about a month i lived in Tianjin. Although it’s been a month here, i had never been to a place far from my campus.  I usually just take a walk around campus and nearby places only. Winter has passed, but the temperature is still very cold here. The temperature is slightly cooler than my hometown, Batu. It’s about 15 degree celcius. Today, I together with my girlfriend, 5 Indonesian friends and 2 Turkish friends take a a walk into one of the most famous tourist destination in Tianjin (We called it as Chinatown), which is 古文化街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street). At first we wanted to go to Guwen Huajie. But because while on the way we saw a unique place known as 鼓楼 Gulou (Drum Street), we finally came down from the bus at this place .
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My First Time in Beijing : It’s Really Crowded

March 10th, 2011 No comments

I’ve been two weeks in China. After my friend, Irvhan shown me around several famous place in Tianjin, yesterday he invite me and  my girlfriend to go to another city. The nearest city to Tianjin is Beijing, the capital of China. Because this trip was unplanned, then we just departed in the morning and went back to Tianjin in the afternoon. We went with 1 Korean friend, 2 Japanese friend, and 3 Indonesian friend (including my girlfriend and my friend Irvhan). This is the first time i go to Beijing. And this is the first time i use the famous bullet train in China (we called it 高铁 here). The cost of the bullet train is only RMB 58 (around $10). Actually, we need 2 hours to go from Tianjin to Beijing by bus. But using the Bullet Train who can speed up to 250 km / hour, we just need only 30 minutes to arrive. The bullet train was so amazing, it’s very luxurious and we got the most expensive mineral water in China (Tibet Spring) for free. The price if we buy in the supermarket is RMB 10 (around $1.4).

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