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Call Of Duty Video Games List

November 21st, 2012 No comments

Call Of Duty series is one of popular video game franchise that released by Activision. Achieved success in PC, Activision also release the game in console and Mac. Call of Duty is a first person shooter video game that set in World War II, Cold War and fictional modern warfare. Along with real war-themed games such as Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Call of Duty managed to get a place in first person shooting gamers hearts. In 2011, Call of Duty series have sold over 100 million copies. The new Call of Duty game (Black Ops 2) even beat their own record (beating Modern Warfare 3 sales record) and become the biggest entertainment launch of all time. It’s even bigger than Harry Potter and StarWars in terms of overall sales since Black Ops came out. What make Call of Duty interesting is the gameplay and the interactive scene of each mission like we are really in a war. In this chance i will cover all about Call of Duty video games that ever released. Based on the all video game that ever being published by Activision, below are all Call of Duty video games titles.

Call Of Duty

Developer : Infinity Ward
Platfrom : PC, Mac, N-Gage
Release : 2003

This is the first Call of Duty game. It’s created based on Quake III engine (the most advanced video game engine at that time). The story of this game was set in World War II. This game very similar with the another popular warfare video games, Medal of Honor. The game contain packs of campaigns and missions. What make this game difference than MoH is the viewpoint of the player. If in MoH, you can only play as American soldier, then in Call of Duty, you can play as American, British and Soviet soldiers. There are 8 missions you can play in American Campaign, 6 missions in British Campaign and 10 missions in Soviet Campaign.

Call Of Duty Cover

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