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How to Add Yahoo Messenger Online Status Widget in Your Blog / Website

February 12th, 2013 6 comments

Yahoo Messenger was one of the most used messenger in the past. Even now there are many people who switch to newer messenger platform, such as QQ, Skype and Whatsapp Messenger, but Yahoo Messenger still become one of most used messenger application in the world. In my country, the most popular messenger is BBM and Whatsapp. But there are a lot of people who still use Yahoo Messenger until now. For those who open an online shop, sometimes it needed to add a yahoo messenger contact in their contact us list. To make your Yahoo Messenger contact look better, you can add an online status widget in your Blog or your Website.

add yahoo messenger online status widget

This is a very easy thing to do. Just follow the step by step below. Read more…

How to Customize Blogger Sidebar Titles

May 30th, 2012 3 comments

Today i will share you another tips how to customize your blog that using Blogger as CMS. In this article, i will explain how to customize sidebar titles that usually appear at your Widget in Blogger. By default, this sidebar titles is “naked” (no format). Actually, you can change this sidebar titles become more interesting by change its font, size, background color, or maybe add some pictures beside it.

blogger sidebar title

Before you modify Blogger Sidebar Titles, make sure you back up your template. First thing you have to do is enter your Blogger Dashboard. Click Template and click Edit HTML and Proceed. Make sure you checked¬†Expand Widget Templates.¬†Some of the code may be different in your template. But the important thing is find “.sidebar {“. My Blogger Template looks like below

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How to Customize Your Sidebar Widget in Blogger (Blogspot)

March 23rd, 2012 5 comments

For those of you who love to modify your Blog based on Blogger (Blogspot) CMS, here I give you more tips to enhance the appearance of your blog. This time i will share you a tips about how to customize the widget (sidebar) in your blog. Did you know that you can modify many things on widget in blogger, from adding icon beside the sidebar title, placing images beside label and change the font, color, border of the widget. I’ll give an example for the widget that I have customized follow by step by step guide how to modify it. Next, you can create your own widgets based on your own creativity.

The first thing to do you have to enter your Blogger Dashboard. Next thing you must go to Template and click Edit HTML. Click Proceed.

How to Add Icon beside Your Sidebar Title

add icon to sidebar title

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