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Successful “Fool” People : Success don’t depend on how smart you are

All this time, I frequently heard some words like this. “A was succeed because he had talent,” “B since born was genius, not surprise knowing that he become successful people now,” and etc… etc.. In our daily life, I guess you were too often hear things like that. Many people assume that success, intelligence, expertise is something that is pure acquired from birth. Many of them make excuses so they do not have to try. In fact, although talent is one factor that has influence on the success of someone, but it is not the only factor. If you ever watch the movie “Forest Gump” starring Tom Hanks, you certainly know what I mean. A fool could be succeed as long there is a will. And here are some stories of great people of their era that will open our eyes. That success is not derived from talent alone, but a strong will and unyielding attitude.

1. Albert Enstein

Who doesn’t know Albert Einstein? He is theoiritical physicist, philosopher and   author who is widely regarded as one of the most influential and best known scientists and intellectuals of all time. He is famous scientist of the famous 20th century with the theory of relativity. He was also one Nobel laureate. Who would have thought he was a son of a late talking and also suffer from autism. As a child she also likes negligent with lessons. Although Einstein had early speech difficulties, he was a top student in elementary school. As he grew, Einstein built models and mechanical devices for fun and began to show a talent for mathematics


2. Thomas Alva Edison

One day, a boy aged 4 years old, somewhat deaf and dumb in school, went home to his house carrying a piece of paper from his teacher. Her mother read the paper,
“Tommy, your child, is very stupid. We ask you can get her out of school.”
His mother was shocked to read these letters, but he soon made a firm determination, “My son Tommy, not a stupid kid. I own that would educate and teach him.“
Little Tommy was Thomas Alva Edison we know today, one of the greatest inventors in the world. He only went to school about three months, and he is physically a little deaf.
Can anyone imagine the boy who was deaf dumb and be asked out of school, ultimately could become a genius? The answer is his mother! Yes, Nancy Edison, do not give up so easily with the opinion of the school for their children.

3. Aristotle Onassis

At school, he was stupid and like to seek some trouble by following the way of many rich people. Not suprised if he was expelled from several schools. He is most often ranked the lowest rank in his class.

One teacher said:
“My classmates adore him, but a teachers and their families in despair. While he was young, people can easily see that he will become one among those who would destroy himself at all or a brilliant success. Although his grade was far from good in school, his talent for business and make money has appeared since he was a chiled. Eventually he became one of top millionaire in the world.

4. Chris Gardner

Have you ever watched movie or read book Pursuit of Happyness?

That book and the movie tell the true story of Christopher Paul Gardner’s life. His story is one of my favorite story i ever read. Bitter and sweetness of life seems to have passed through by him. Homeless, abandoned wives, was arrested the police, have trouble paying loans, all of them are some of experiences he had in his life. He’s not highly educated but he continues to try and fight. Now he became a millionaire success, motivator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is CEO of of his own stockbrokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co., a stock brokerage firm based in Chicago, Illinois.

5. Ludwig Van Beethoven

If you know a woman who is pregnant, who already has eight children, three of them were deaf, two blind, one mentally impaired and she by herself suffering syphilis, do you will advise her to abort the pregnancy?

If you answered yes, then you’ve just killed one of the world greatest composer ever born. Because one of a child who was born by the mother is Ludwig Van Beethoven. When Beethoven was at the end of two decades, the signs of deafness began to appear, but eventually he became famous composers with works of nine symphonies, 32 piano sonatas, five piano concertos, 10 sonatas for piano and violin, a series of stunning string quartet, vocal music , music theater, and more.

6. Louis Braille

Louis Braille was damaged in one eye when he was 3 years old. At that time he accidentally stabbed his own eye with a hole-maker from his father’s work tools.

Then the other eye are affected by sympathetic ophthalmia, a type of infection that occurs because of damage of the other eye. Blindness does not make him desperate, and then he created the Braille alphabet to help blind people, so they can read. Now who does not know Braille Alphabet?

7. Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s story is a classic example of people who really dare to fail.
Failed in business in 1831.
Defeated in the Legislature in 1832.
Failed again in business in 1833.
Suffered a broken spirit in 1836.
Failed to win a speech contest in 1838.
Voters failed to occupy the board in 1840.
Failed elected to Congress in 1843.
Sworn in to Congress in 1846.
Failed to Congress in 1848.
Failed to become a member of the Senate in 1855.
Failed to Become President In Year 1856.
Being a member of the Senate failed in 1858.

Finally, in 1860 the American president who was sworn in as 16th president and one of the success stories in American history.

8. Bill Gates

I think there is no one in this world do not know this name?

William Henry Gates III, or better known as Bill Gates is the founder (with Paul Allen) and a general chairman of the U.S. software company, Microsoft. He was also a philanthropist through its activities in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He occupied the first position in the world’s richest people of Forbes magazine for 13 years (1995 to 2007).

Who would ever thought he dropped out from Harvard University and ever worked as an Office Boy.

9. Mark Zuckerberg

This one has been named as the youngest millionaire in history to start his own sweat. He is an American entrepreneur best known for co-founding the popular social networking site, Facebook.

Starting from a Harvard student network site, there are many people who like it, he boldly followed his senior, Bill Gates, dropped out of Harvard to develop the site into Facebook that we know today. Did You Know? Mark has turned down an offer by Friendster to buy Facebook worth of 10 million U.S. $, bid 750 million dollars from Viacom, and the most surprising one billion dollars offer from the Yahoo.

He is currently one of the youngest billionaires in the world with personal wealth of US$4 billion in 2010


10. Ben Carson

Benjamin Carson is the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery in Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also known as the best surgery doctor in the world. You can see his story on Gifted Hand : The Ben Carson Story starring by Cuba Gooding Jr.. In his early education,  Ben experienced difficulty in school and eventually falling to the bottom of his class. Determined to turn her son’s life around, Carson’s mother limited his television-watching and refused to let him go outside to play until he had finished his homework each day. She required him to read two library books a week and to give her written reports on his reading. Carson soon amazed his instructors and classmates with his improvement. “It was at that moment that I realized I wasn’t stupid,” he recalled later. Then Ben Carson finally can reach his dream to become surgery doctor.

11. Adam Khoo

He is a Singaporean. As a child, he is a fan of games and TV. In one day, he could spend for hours in front of the TV. Both play PS or watch TV. Adam Khoo recognized as stupid kid when he was a chiled. When the fourth grade, he was expelled from school. He went into the worst primary school in Singapore. When enter junior high school, he was rejected by six of the best junior high school there. Finally, he could get into the worst school in Singapore.
Adam’s achievements in the business world is marked at the time Adam was 26 years old. He already has four businesses with a total value of turnover per year to U.S. $ 20 million. The story of Adam’s business began when he was 15 years old. He was doing business music box. The next business is business training and seminars. At the age of 22 years, Adam Khoo is a national trainer in Singapore. His clients are top managers and company managers in Singapore. The pay was U.S. $ 10,000 per hour.

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