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Strafe – Rocket Storm or Demolition? Which One Is Better?

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I am one of fans of Strafe skill. This skill is Whirlwind (Barbarian skill) version for Demon Hunter. For me, Hungering Arrow, Strafe and Multishoot are three best active skill for farming. Those three can do an area attack and it’s very effective to kill a lot of enemy just in one or two shot only. After comparing all Strafe skill runes, i found out that the best selection are between Rocket Storm and Demolition. A lot of Diablo 3 player also confuse which one better between two skill. For me, both skill has each advantages and disadvantages. To make you understand, i will give you a little explanation about this skill.


Strafe give you a random shoot with 156% weapon damage around your characters. This make the skill highly effective to kill a lot of enemies in one area, especially for farming.

Strafe – Rocket Storm

strafe rocket storm

This is the most used Strafe rune i’ve seen in the game. One of important advantage of this skill, it’s can attack enemies accurately. So there will be no wasted shots, if you use this skill. Every homing rockets will land to the enemies with 60% weapon damage as fire. Sometimes, combining it with cold damage weapon will have benefit for your play. I started using this skill more frequently when my DPS was high enough (more than 200k). When my DPS was still low, i prefer to use Strafe – Demolition.

Strafe – Demolition

strafe demolition

Actually this is my choice when my Demon Hunter level was still below paragon level 30. Even this skill misses altogether a lot, this skill has higher weapon damage (more than three times damages of Rocket Storm), so it much more faster if you use it to kill a lot of enemies. Demolition clears groups faster, but for some people, Demolition has a very big problem especially if you have to face fast moving monster. Your grenades will miss a lot. So you really needs to move in particular direction to make the grenade hits all the enemies. I still use this skill when playing in high monster power world level.

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