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Stock Market Weakness. Technology & Materials lead the down

February 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Index seems to hold enough from wave of selling this Friday. But the chart seems to form a pattern that has the great potential to bearsih although still possible for a rebound.

S & P 500 has to pass through support in 1030 if the Bears want to win the battle
From sector what I noticed, seem Technology and Materials (Mining) led the market to free fall for several days.

Note the light green line (Technology) and blue (Materials)

Let’s see 4 Horsemen of Technology Stocks

GOOG – insist to break down the support line

AAPL – Still not Bearsih, Still on trading range. Thoughest one from 4 horsemen

RIMM – Bad one

AMZN – The support around 110 is the key

What about Materials?

FCX – Can another support hold?

RTP – Head and Shoulder Pattern?

X – Bear Bear Bear

NEM – Another H&S?

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