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Step by Step Guide to build our Internet Business

Since a long ago, humans have a brain to think something extraordinary. This is called creativity. This creativity thing applied to many field in our life, including how to make money. Because make money is a must to-do thing that can’t be avoided by all people, then people really have to push their creativity to the limit in finding new ways how to make money. This is the reason why there are so many ways to make money nowdays. But according to Robert T Kiyosaki, there are three ways to make money to achieve financial freedom.

One of the most widely used by people is building a business. Business itslef now have a lot of varietion. Starting from just opening a store, shop, salon or something like that to a multi-national business, franchise until the royalties. But as the development of technology, types of businesses become even more variations.

In my opinion, the current business is divided into two streams, they are :

1. Offline Business

Building a business in the real world. Until around the 1990s, this is the only way that a conventional way people are doing to build his business empire. There are countless ways to build offline business. There are so many kinds of work done, some of which are:
– Building a company / business (shop, beauty shop, store)
– Franchise (ex: McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, Circle K, Indomart, Alfamart, etc)
– Royalty, where we only have to work at first then we will be earning along with other people working. Examples of this type of revenue is the author of the book, the designers, the owners of the product / work / brand. (Ex: JK. Rowling, Anthony Robbins, Armani, Marvel, Disney, etc)
– Etc …

2. Online Business
This trend began to emerge since the dot com boom, beginning with the start rapid advancement of computer technology devices in the era of 1990. Since the Internet began to bloom, many people begin take advantage of this trend as a business opportunity. Slightly different from real-world business, business on the internet most people do not need a place of business / office in order to run. Some business on the internet does not even require the employee. So by simply relying on a laptop and an internet connection, you are able to build this internet business. Compared to offline business, there are more variations of the type of business that can run on online business, including: Business Affiliate, Pay Per Click, Blogging, etc.

Since I am now involved in online business, I will not discuss the offline business. Online business start booming in the 1990s, marked by the emergence of giant businesses like AOL, Yahoo, Google, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter are capable of generating billions of dollars of income. Inspired from that, a lot of individuals begin build their business on the internet and finally became internet marketers who are able to achieve reliable earnings hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a month. Great names such as Ewen Chia, Dan Kennedy, Dylan Low, John Chow, Stephen Pierce, Yanik Silver, Fabian Lim, George Brown is one of them.
The question now is, how we also can be successful like them? So far, I know there are a lot of my friends and colleagues who had tried to run internet marketing, but so far there are only about 5% people that actually succeed. And most of them who did not succeed blame that internet marketing was not really able to make money. Why could this happen?
The conclusion i found, the main reason why so many Internet marketers failed is only one, which is it’s too difficult to learn Lazy and No Action !!!
Actually, in principle the internet business (online business) is exactly same with real world business (offline business). There are several step of online business have a little differences if compared with offline business. But from what I have found so far, a lot of people underestimate internet marketing itself. They tend to think that internet marketing is easy and quick way to make money. That’s a really really BIG MISTAKE, if you thought like that.
Building a business process in the Internet much like building a business in the real world. If you do not focus, do not have a passion, do not have a will from to achieve your dream no matter happen, you’ll end with a fail. The process of building business in the Internet is similar with the real one. The step by step of building a business is like this diagram below:

To easly understand this, let’s pick an example from real business. Let’s assume that we have a plan to build a business in the real world offiline.

  1. Pick an Idea
    So the first step is pick an idea. In what field we want to start business? Let’s pick one idea as example. Assume that we want to open a Fruit Supermarket on our town.
  2. Analysis the Idea
    The second step is analysis the idea. If we want to open fruit supermarket in our town, then we must check how much people deserved to buy fruit on our town everyday. The next thing, we must check is there any competitor in our town. If they are exist, what advantage we want to create on our business. We must also check how much cost to build our business starting from place, employee, furniture and all other thing to open our fruit supermarket.
  3. Action / Implementation
    The next thing to do is the most important thing. We must do some action from what we planned before. We start to rent a building, hire some employe, arrange the interior inside the supermarket, buy the fruit, etc…. etc… etc…. After all completed, then we can open our supermarket.
  4. Promotion
    After our supermarket opened, we must do advertisement to make people know about our supermarket. There are several techniques of promotion starting from give brochure, billboard, radio ad, tv ad, and maybe mouth to mouth. From this we can start get traffic of consumer shopping in our supermarket
  5. Services
    If there are already a lot of consumer who usually shop on our supermarket, then we must give services to maintain our consumer loyalty. This will make our business survive and grow from time to time
  6. Duplication
    If your first supermarket already succeed, then you can duplicate them by build a branch supermarket on the same town or mabye on another city.

The six step above is the step by step guide to build offline business in real life. So how the guide to build internet business then? The answer is the guide is exactly the same. On internet business, we must follow the step 1-6 exactly same like above. The difference between offline business and online business is the way of each step. I will figure out how the way of each step on my next post…

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