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Singapore Traveling Cost

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Continue my article about Traveling to Singapore, this time i will covered about Traveling Expense (Traveling Cost) to Singapore. The most influence cost for traveling, of course is airline ticket from your country to Singapore. So the most important thing you must aware is the airline ticket from your country to Singapore. If you can get cheap ticket, your whole traveling cost will be cheap. So i’ll separate the cost into several categories, so you can calculate by yourself how much money you will spend if you decide to go to Singapore.

Airline Ticket Cost

How to go to Singapore? There are many way you can choose to go to Singapore. Because i live in Indonesia, so i will make this traveling budget based on Indonesia to Singapore Budget. There are several ways you can choose to go to Singapore. The easiest way is go directly to Changi Airport, but sometimes go to Singapore from another city near Singapore is cheaper. Here are the several ways how to go to Singapore :

– Go directly to Changi Airport by Airplane

This is one of the easiest option that most people choose. If it is a plane ticket straight to Changi Airport is not too expensive or is not a big problem for you, then this is the absolute choice to choose. The key how to get cheap airline ticket to Singapore is follow every airline newsletter that can access a flight from your city to Singapore. In Indonesia, the cheapest airline to go to Singapore is Airasia & Jetstar (from Jakarta) and Valuair (from Surabaya). From Jakarta, Airasia and Jetstar Airline Ticket can reach about Rp. 1.000.000 for a Round Trip. Don’t forget to append Rp. 150.000 for Airport Tax in Indonesia. To get cheaper cost, pay attention to the promo from airline newsletter. Just subscribe newsletter on their website.

– Go to HarbourFront By Ferry via Batam

If you want to use the ferry, then you should go to Batam by plane first and then continue your journey using the ferry to Singapore. You can buy cheaper ferry ticket in Hang Nadim airport (Batam Airport). The price using Ferry is S$18 for round trip ticket if you buy at Hang Nadim airport and S$21 if you buy at Batam Harbor (not including tax S$7 at Batam Seaport and S$16 at Singapore Seaport). Don’t forget to append taxi cost Rp. 70.000 from Batam Airport to Seaport

– First go to Malaysia and then enter Singapore by Bus

One other option to go to Singapore is through Malaysia. First we have to go by plane to Kuala Lumpur, then we continue the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore using bus. This is the least recommended way to go to Singapore. Because Kuala Lumpur is quite far from Singapore.

Accommodation & Food Cost

The accomodation cost in Singapore is relatively cheap compared to other countries. But if you want to stay at pretty good quality hotel, of course you still have to pay about minimum S$ 70. But if you are looking for a place that is really cheap, in fact there are few places in Singapore are very cheap. You can stay at these places at a cost of approximately S$ 10-15 only. You can stay at Hostels or Backpackers Inn to get cheaper acommodation cost.

As for the cost of meals, the fee is approximately $ 3 plus $ 1 drinks for a meal. Therefore, when we eat 3 times a day, then the total cost for the meal to be prepared is around $ 12/hari. Coupled with possible reserves of drinking water a day it takes about $ 15.

Daily Transport Fee

For travel, there are three ways that can transport you choose, using a bus, MRT and taxi. If you are traveling as a family and you have 4 people member of family then use a taxi is a convenient option. You do not need too much walking, you can get to your destination. But if you are traveling alone or just 2 people only, it would be much cheaper if we use the bus and MRT. For the MRT lines you can see the MRT diagram on this post.

Another Fee

Other costs that you will spend is cost of admission to places of entertainment. For list of entertainment places (along with the price) I would write in a later article. As an illustration, if you want to be really satisfied enter and play most of major place of interests in Singapore then the cost is about $ 500. Meanwhile, if you want to travel sparingly, then only with just $ 50 you can go to some beautiful places that do not charge you a free at all in Singapore.

Later, I would make a list of how much money I’ve spent when traveled to Singapore last time. With only S$400 total including airline ticket, i can stay in Singapore for 7 days 6 nights. Since I come from Indonesia, the details of the cost that I made this based on my departure from Surabaya.





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