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Singapore Trip (Day 6) : Having Fun at Sentosa Island

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Today i spent my whole day at Sentosa Island. Actually, i already spent one day at Universal Studio Singapore that also in the Sentosa Island several days ago. But this time i spent my time to play outside the Universal Studio. Before Universal Studio was built, Sentosa Island was the main tourist destination in Singapore. When i visited Singapore at 2003, i spent a lot of time in hanging around at this place. Most of the attractions were free to visit that time. But now, you seems must pay for each places you want to enter. There are a lot of rides you can play in this island. But when compared to Universal Studio Singapore, you will feel that the rides outside the USS is just ordinary rides. The rides attractions here is not as good as Universal Studio have. However, although most of the rides is not attractive, there some of attractions worth to visit. The most popular attraction you can’t miss in this place is the Song of The Sea. This is the most unique beautiful water fountain show in the Asia (err…. maybe in the World).  If you visit Singapore, you definitely may not miss this show. I even can said that you haven’t go to Singapore if you haven’t watch Song of The Sea.

Sentosa Island of Singapore


How To Go to Sentosa Island

There are 3 way how to go to Sentosa Island, by Sentosa Express (mini train like MRT), Jewel Cable Car or Bus. All of this vechile can be founded at Vivocity Mall. To go to Vivocity Mall, you can use MRT and take North-East line (purple line) and get down at Harbourfront station. Harbourfront Mall is right beside Vivocity Mall. Just follow the sign board to Vivocity Mall.

At Vivo City mall, if you want to go by Sentosa Express or Cable Car, then go to third floor. Sentosa Express ticket price is SGD $3 for adult or children above 3 years old. There is 2 options if you use Sentosa Express to Sentosa Island. First is get off at Imbiah Station. This is where Imbiah Lookout located. Imbiah Lookout is the area in Sentosa Island where all the ride attraction located. For you who want to go to Siloso Point and Underwater World, you can also get off at this station. The alternative, if you want to go to the beach first, then you can get off at Beach Station. If this is the first time you go to Singapore, i recommend you to get off at Imbiah Station.

If you decide to use Cable Car, you can buy the ticket at the counter at 3rd floor in Vivo City or you can directly buy the ticket in cable car ticket counter at Harborfront Tower. Harborfront Tower is located right next to Harborfront shopping mall. There are a lot of sign that pointing the location of cable car station in Harborfront and Vivocity. Cable Car ticket price is SGD $ 10.90 Adult, SGD $ 5.50 Child for One Way Ticket and SGD $ 11.90 Adult, SGD $ 6.50 Child for Return Trip Ticket. The cable car will take you to Imbiah Lookout in Sentosa Island. This time, i used Jewel Cable Car to go to Sentosa Island.


You can also use bus to go to Sentosa Island. To go by bus, just go outside of VivoCity Mall and find the bus stop. The bus stop is located in front of Merrill Lynch Bank. Follow the sign board when you exit MRT HarbourFront, find “Bus to Resort World Sentosa”.

Bus Number : RWS 8
Ticket Price : $2 (round way)
Operating Hour : 06.00 – 23:30

sentosa bus

Sentosa Island : Asia’s Favourite Playground

Sentosa Island itself is divided into 4 section : Resorts World Sentosa, Imbiah Lookout, Beaches, and Siliso Point.

Sentosa Island Guide Map

Click the picture to enlarge


Resorts World Sentosa

This where Universal Studio Singapore located. You can get down at Waterstation Station if you want to go to this place. I already spent my time visiting Universal Studio Singapore in second day  of my trip. Universal Studio Singapore now become number one attraction to visit in Singapore. Beside Universal Studio, there also spectacular Rock Circus show, Voyage De La Vie. In this place you can also find Resorts World Sentosa, the place for you who want the great experience staying at Singapore.

universal studio singapure

Imbiah Lookout

This place is located next to Resort World Sentosa, There are a lot of attractions here. If you use Sentosa Express, you must get down at Imbiah Station to go to this place. If you use Cable Car, you will arrived at this place. There are a lot of Attractions you can visit here. This was the first destination i choose for today tour. There are 11 attractions you can play here, such as Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, Nature WalkMerlion Walk, Sentosa 4D MagixSentosa Cineblast, DesperadosSentosa Luge & Skyride, Tiger Sky Tower, etc. I visited and played almost all the attractions and for me the places and the rides here are not as good as Universal Studio. For example, Shrek 4D in USS is far better than Sentosa 4D Magix. Because you have to pay to play and visit each attraction here, then you must choose which one you want to play and not. I recommend you to visit Merlion Walk, because it’s free to walk around the park there. If you want to see the history of Merlion, you have to pay SGD $ 10.

Based on my personal opinion, the only worth to play in Imbiah Lookout is Sentosa Luge & Skyride (SGD $12.50). In Sentosa Luge & Skyride, you will ride a gravity powered vehicle down from hilltop to the beach. It’s quite exciting, too bad the circuit is too short. After arrived at the beach, you can go back to the hilltop using a Skyride.

sentosa luge

sentosa skydrive


This the artificial beach that made in Sentosa Island. Nothing you can found here. But if you want to rent Segways (a mini two tires vechile), this could be fun thing to do. But i decide not to play here, because the weather was very hot that time.

sentosa beach

Siloso Point

From Imbiah Lookout, you can go to Siloso Point that located at the corner side of the island. You can use free bus to go to Siloso Point. After played all the attractions at Imbiah Lookout, i continue my trip to Siloso Point. There is only Fort Siloso and Underwater World Singapore at this area. I enter the Underwater World. The entrance ticket price is SGD $25.90 for adult and $17.90 for child. Underwater World Singapore not as big as Underwater World in my country. So there is nothing special on this place. You can also watch Dolphin Show at Dolphin Lagoon.


After around the Underwater World for 1 hour, i went back to Imbiah Lookout.

At Imbiah Lookout, i bought the Song of The Sea ticket for night. I bought 20:30 show ticket. The price of Song of The Sea Ticket is only SGD $10. After purchased the ticket, i had lunch there. The food price is quite expensive there. Because i had visited all attractions in Sentosa Island that time, after lunch we went back to the city.

Song of The Sea : Amazing Water Fountain Show in Singapore

While waiting for Song of The Sea at night, we went shopping again to Bugis Shopping Street before took a rest at the Hotel. We finally back to Sentosa Island at night to watch Song of The Sea. We almost late to watch the show. Fortunately, the show just about to begin when we came. This was the second time i watched Song of The Sea. The show is quite different than the show i watched seven years ago. Beside the upgraded background stage, there were several technology addition especially lasser on the show. The show was spectacular, and i keep amazed watching that show for the second time .













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