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Several Tips How to Extend Macbook Battery Life

It’s already 4 years since i started this blog. I just realize that i rarely wrote article about Macbook. I start using Macbook since 4 years ago, so it’s mean my blog is as old as my Macbook. After 4 years using, i am very satisfied with my Macbook. So today i want to write an article about Macbook Battery. Why makes Macbook battery more expensive than other battery? What the difference between Macbook battery and other laptop battery.

macbook battery

Let’s begin…

First, i want you to make sure that there is no eternal thing in this life, even Macbook battery. As the time passed, Macbook battery of course must be replaced. But i will give you several tips how to use Macbook, so the battery lifespan can last at least according to age that have been determined by Apple.

The Difference Between Macbook Battery and other Laptop Battery

Everyone want to extend their laptop battery life. If you search on Google, you’ll find a lot of article said that remove the battery from laptop during daily use is a way how to extend the battery life. Does Macbook battery be treated the same way? The answer is NO.

A lot of my friend who have non-Macbook laptop said that all battery maintenance is same. Macbook battery is different than other laptop product. You don’t need to remove your Macbook battery to extend its lifespan. Macbook has a chip on their battery that can control electricity that in and out. Once the Macbook battery fully charged, it will automatically reduce the electricity to the battery. It’s totally different with other laptop that always fully charge the battery, even the battery is already full. So you don’t need to remove your battery if you use your Macbook.

I use my Macbook everyday for 4 years. And i rarely turn off my Macbook with the battery attached on it all the time. I usually turn off my Macbook once a week. If i don’t use it, i just close my Mac to turn it into sleep mode. Today, my battery still can last at least more than 2 hours if it is actively used.

For Macbook user, first you must know what is Cycle Count.

What is Cycle Count

Cycle Count is number of charge cycle has been used. To understand better about Cycle count i give you an example as illustration

Let’s assume that battery is now 30%, then refilled to 100%. After that, the battery has been used to 50%. Then the battery is charged again to 100%. So it means that you have charge 70% + 50% = 120%. Like what i have explained, one cycle means one time of 100% charge. So the that battery already have 1.2 cycle.

Why Do Battery Cycle Counts Matter?

Cycle Count is helpful to know how your Macebook battery condition. Apple says new notebook batteries are designed to retain 80% of original capacity after 1000 cycles. If your battery is performing at less than expected and is still under warranty, it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with Apple Genius.

How to Check Macbook Cycle Count

The easy way to check Macbook Cycle Count is by follow the following steps

  • Launch Apple System Profiler (called System Information in Lion) either through /Applications/Utilities/ or by going to About this Mac and selecting More Info.
  • Under Hardware, select Power
  • Look for Cycle Count under the Battery Informationmacbook battery cycle count

To check Cycle Count and Battery Health, you can also use free software like Coconut Battery and Battery Health.

battery health

How to Maintain Cycle Count So It is not Increased So Rapidly

Of course if you reduce the use of your MacBook is not the right solution for you who usually use your Macbook everyday. Here several tips to slow the increase in Cycle count :

  • If possible, connect your Macebook to Power Adapter (Charger).
  • If the battery indicator in menubar shows 100%, then do not be remove your MacBook from Power Adapter. MacBook has its own mechanism for taking power. If 100%, the power will be taken directly from the Power Adaptor. You can check it by clicking on battery indicator.
  • Unplug power adapter, if battery indicator already 95%. The purpose here is when it reaches 100%, the battery will perform discharge mechanism. If the decline already reached 95%, then removed your MacBook from Power Adapter. Use your MacBook up until battery drained to 20%. After that plug your Macbook to Power Adaptor again.
  • Calibrate the battery once a month. Macbook Battery Calibration is done by using the MacBook until the battery is completely reaches 0%. However, don’t too often calibrate, just once a month. If you don’t know how to calibrate, just read my next article about How to Calibrate Macebook Battery.
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