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Semantic Search : Take a Look Google Search Engine in The Future

Associated with all algorithms and techniques update, Google is continuing to improve the performance of its search engine, Google apparently is preparing their new algorithm that will be used in the future. There may be some of you who’ve already heard it. The new technique used by Google is called Semantic Search. By using Semantic Search, Google will be able to provide a very accurate and on target answers to information seekers. So what is Semantic Search? What is the difference between Semantic Search and Common Search Technique?

google semantic search

What is Semantic Search?

By definition, Semantic Search is a search technique that understand the purpose of search to generate better search accuracy. Semantic search system will consider various factors including the context of search, location, purpose, variations of words, synonyms, common and special requests, query matching and natural language concepts to provide relevant search results. So, has Google been implementing semantic search? Before answering this curiosity is I will discuss a bit about the two search engine technique that been used recently, which are literal search and semantic search.

Literal Search

Search techniques that search for the exact same word as what is written on the search field and displays the results, whether the files, web pages, products, or other information even if sometimes it is not relevant or does not answer for what we are looking for. Literal search is what we are most familiar with today, partly because it’s the easiest for the computer to perform.

Semantic Search

Slightly different from the literal search, semantic search try to understand what users are asking by placing it in context through the analysis of query terms and language. In addition, the results displayed will not be a file, web page, or the like, but semantic search tries to respond directly to questions. If you are looking at a search engine that has been using the method of semantic search “What is the capital of Indonesia?” The answer would appear that “The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta“, in which search engine that still uses literal method will only display the webpage which contains the word “capital” and “Indonesia”

Google and Semantic Search

After applying Personalize Google Search several days ago, now Google is focus preparing a new update that later would make the results search more accurately. As i described above, you should already have some view about latest Google algorithms later. According to Amit Sighal (Top Google executive search), Google search engine will look like how humans understand the world. Under the changes that will occur later, people who looking for “Indonesia” or “Indonesia Capital” will get search results related to Indonesia, such as location, population, capital, president, the language used, Ethnic, Religion, etc.

The difference between Semantic Search and Google Search method now

When you see the Google Search Engine now, there may be many people who think that Google is already applying the semantic search algorithm. Frankly, no one knows exactly how Google’s algorithm works. So far internet marketer just doing trial and error to find out how the Google algorithm works. But to find out how the semantic search works, you can see from the website who are already using the method of semantic Search. One is Wolfram Alpha website.


Try entering the search terms “highest mountain” on wolframalpha.com and google.com. The results are certainly different. The search engine that uses semantic search gives very relevant results and complete data while Google search only displaying list of websites that have title and content that contains highest Mountain keyword.

wolframalpha search


google search result

From the example above you now already know what Google will change in their algorithm. The above examples is illustration for what Google try to do to make their search engine more accurate. In the future, Google will give a direct answer to those who try to search in search engine. Like what Google motto, Google is the search engine that understand what people want.

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  1. Sutie Pabon
    April 11th, 2012 at 09:24 | #1

    Amazing things here. Just curious how Google apply this Semantic Search

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    May 7th, 2012 at 08:48 | #2

    Interesting article. Google seems keep updating its algorithm.

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