Rurouni Kenshin Characters (Anime vs Live Action Version)

I just watched Rurouni Kenshin live action movie produced by Warner Brothers. For me this is the best anime / video games adaptation movie so far, even couldn’t be said special. I always thought that it’s alway better if anime adaptation movie is made by people from the anime came from, Japan. I was very disappointed when watching Dragon Ball : Evolution. The Last Airbender was better, but i didn’t feel too satisfied with this film. Fortunately, Rurouni Kenshin is different. It’s . Not only it’s not far from the anime version, but the story is enjoyable even for people who doesn’t know about Rurouni Kenshin at all. The selection of the characters is good because it’s similar to the characters in the anime version. In this post, i will list all characters in the big screen movie and compared it with all characters from original anime movie. Here we go…

Kenshin Himura (Takeru Sato)

Main character of the film. He was known as Hitokiri Battosai, legendary assassin of the government. After the final battle that led to the falling of Tokugawa Shogungate, he become a wanderer who always move from one place to another place.

Kenshin Himura


Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura


Kamiya Kaoru (Emi Takei)

The instructor of family dojo who first identifies Kenshin as Hitokiri Battosai. She was saved by Kenshin when there are several thieves who try to take her Dojo. Later, her relationship with Kenshin grow.

kamiya kaoru

Emi Takei as Kimuya Kaoru

Yahiko Myojin (Taketo Tanaka)

 An orphan from Samurai family. After saved by Kenshin, he decide to grow up and be like Kenshin.

Myojin Yahiko
Taketo Tanaka as Yahiko Myojin

Sagara Sanosuke (Munetaka Aoki)

Former member of Sekihora army. After his group was destroyed, he becomes a mercenary to calm his anger by fighting. After meet and got beaten easily by Kenshin, he change his life and stop being fighter again. He then become Kenshin’s best friend

Sagara Sanosuke

Munetaka Aoki as Sagara Sanosuke

Takani Megumi (Yu Aoi)

The only survivor of her family. She was forced to help make opium for industrialist. But after meet Kenshin and Sanosuke, she try to change her life. Then, she became local doctor for the area around Kaoru’s dojo.

takani megumi

Yu Aoi as Takani Megumi

Saito Hajime (Yosuke Eguchi)

Leader of the 3rd Squad of the Shinsengumi during the revolution and then joined the police after Meiji restoration. He has a long-standing rivalry with Kenshin.

 Saito Hajime

Yosuke Eguchi as Saito Hajime


Udo Jine (Koji Kikkawa)

A master of the Nikaido Heiho technique and one of hitokiri during the Revolution. After Meiji Restoration, he continued killing people

Jine Udo

Koki Kikkawa as Jine Udo

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  1. Great movie. Great character adaptation. However i Missed Aoshi and Oniwaban. And Kenshin violet eyes. Its a s part of hims as the X shaped scar.

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