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Review Buku Hiduplah Anakku, Ibu Mendampingimu by Michiyo Inoue

Title : Hiduplah Anakku, Ibu Mendampingimu

Author : Michiyo Inoue

Genre : Biography

Rating : 5 of 5

Today I just finished reading the book Hiduplah Anakku, Ibu Menampingimu (Be Live my Daughter, Mother will be there for you) by Michiyo Inoue. This book is the second version of Miyuki Inoue story after the first book with title Aku Terlahir 500 Gr dan Buta (I was born 500 Gr and Blind) by Miyuki Inoue. This second book is a book from the viewpoint of the mother on the journey of her life with Miyuki Inoue, a girl who was born 500 grams and blind since birth. This book really opened my eyes and inspired me all about how to live. Many of us are very easy to feel frustrated and feel give up when faced little problems in life. But if you have time to read the story of Miyuki Inoue, we would be ashamed if you feel like it. Relentless spirit that carried with her mother Miyuki Inoue Michiyo really quite extraordinary. People who have physical disabilities usually live alone and do not have a spirit to life. But it didn’t happen on Miyuki Inoue. She doesn’t feel her blindness is a limitation. She doing everything like  common people. These are things that I really admire her.

Limitations did not prevent her from achieve something. I often remember the story of Miyuki and her mother when I was facing some difficulties in life. Their stories frequently reviving my spirit that has begun to fade. In this book, there are also a lot of moral lessons that can be learned. Sometimes loving a child does not mean always obey everything asked by the child. Forms of affection can be expressed in terms of educating children in discipline and little hard. It can be a positive thing for the development of child’s character. The balance of love and discipline will be able to establish a very good child in the future. Sometimes parents nowadays pamper her childs, so they becomes a person who are less grateful for what they have and don’t have a spirit to do everything in their life

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