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Wonderful Stories : Punish without Violence

In life when we pass through some inconvenience experience, that time we would learn a lot of lesson. Frequently from those inconvenience experience, our thought about life would change forever. Sometimes punishment are the most frequently inconvenience experience we faced in our life. In family, parents who love their children will teach everything they think the best for their children. Sometimes to make their children become better person, they need to punish their children. As we know, “Punish” identical to scold, advise, prohibit, or hit. However, there is one action that will educate more rather than all the action i mentioned above. What I want to share today is the so-called “Punishing without Violence“. Here is a story of youth Dr. Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)

At that time, Arun was 16 years old and living with parents in an institution founded by his grandfather (Mahatma Gandhi), in the midst of sugar cane plantation, 18 miles outside of Durban, South Africa. They live far inland and has no neighbors. Not surprisingly, Arun and two sisters are very happy if there is a chance to go into town to visit friends or watch some movies.

One day Arun’s father asks Arun to drive his father to the city to attend a full day conference. And Arun is very happy with this opportunity. Know that Arun will go to town, her mother gave up a grocery list for everyday purposes. In addition, his father also asked Arun to do a long-delayed task such as repair and service their car.

That morning, when arrived at the conference, his father said, “I meet you here at 5 pm. Then we will go home together.” Arun soon finish the job that given by his father.

Later, Arun went to the cinema, and he really amazed by John Wayne act on the movie, so he forget the time. When the time already 17:30, he just realized and immediately ran to the garage where Arun’s car seriand hurried to her father who was waiting for him had been. It was almost 18:00.

With anxious father asks Arun “Why are you late?“.

Arun is very embarrassed to admit that he was watching a John Wayne movie, so he answered “The car was not ready, so I have to wait“. In fact it turns out without the knowledge of Arun, her father has called the garage. And now her father knew that Arun lie.

Then the father said, “There’s something wrong in raising you so that you do not have courage to tell the truth to me. To punish my mistake, i will go home on foot along 18 miles and think about it carefully.“.

Then, his father began to walk home. That time it already dark, while the street was not good to walk. Arun can not leave his father, so for five and a half hours, Arun driving slowly behind him, saw his suffering father that caused by him.

Since that time, Arun never lie again.


* Statement of Arun: *

I frequently think about this episode and was surprised. If my father punished me as we punish our children, then whether I will get a lesson about non-violence? I think not. I will suffer the punishment and do the same thing again. But, with only one non-violent action that is extraordinary, I felt the incident had just happened yesterday. That’s the power of Punish without violence.


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  1. Suparna Sinha
    March 23rd, 2014 at 11:08 | #1

    It’s an inspiring moment no doubt…..made me learn about non violence can work more effectively.Actually we don’t read the minds…we only act upon the present moment…..deep understanding is required to look for errorless life.
    Suparna Sinha.Varanasi.

  1. May 23rd, 2011 at 08:04 | #1