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Places of Interests and Attractions usually visited when travel to Tianjin City

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Until now, it’s already 5 months since i came and stayed in TianJin (since end of February 2011) to study Chinese (Mandarin) Language. One of my dreams to live abroad is finally achieved. What i like most by live in other country? The answer is ADVENTURE. By going abroad i can find so many new things that i can not see in Indonesia. By traveling from one place to another, i can increase my knowledge about the world. Therefore, i love so much traveling. No exception in the city where i live right now Tian Jin. Despite its size and importance as a port, Tianjin lacks the vitality of other large Chinese coastal cities. Although Tian Jin not as famous as Beijing, Hongkong, Macau, Huangshan, Xian, Guilin, Suzhou or Hangzhou, but there are also some cool places worth visiting here.

On this post, i will share my personal experience during a walk in Tian Jin. Below are some Place of Interest and Attraction in Tian Jin :

Rate :
★ Not Good - ★★ - Decent ★★★ - Not Bad ★★★★ - Good ★★★★★ - Very Good
  • 古文花节 (Ancient Culture Street) ★★★★
    Chinatown where there are many stores that sells antique goods. There also a glass bridge at the end of this place
  • 意大利风情 (Italian Scenery) ★★★
    A collection of some restaurant with Italian architecture (very beautiful at night)
  • 水上公园 (Water Park)  ★★★★
    Biggest park in Tianjin. There also amusement parks inside
  • 天津动物园 (Tianjin Zoo)  ★
    Next to Water Park. There are not too many animal you can find here.
  • 滨江道 (Binjiang Business Street)  ★★★★
    Longest Shopping Mall Street in China
  • 天津之眼幕天伦 (Tianjin Eye)  ★★★★
    Tianjin giant ferris wheel
  • 鼓楼 (Drum Tower)  ★★
    Chinatown where Drum tower become the center of the shopping street.
  • 天津图书大厦 (Tianjin Book Mansion)  ★★★
    Largest Bookstore 7 floor building)  in Tianjin
  • 人民公园 (People Park)  ★
    Small park near XiawaFang
  • 小白楼商业街 (XiaobaiLou Business Street)  ★★
    A collection of western restaurant in a street. There also underground Mall and Concert Hall here
  • 南市食品街 (Nanshi Food Street)  ★
    Large building which consist a lot of food stores inside.
  • 天津奥林匹克中心体育馆 (Tianjin Olympic Sports Center)  ★
    One of the stadium built for the success of Beijing Olympics 2008
  • 沈阳道古物市场 (Sengyangdao Antique Market) ★
    Shopping street that sells antique & old stuff
  • 瓷房子 (Porcelain House)  near 滨江道 (Bin Jian Ave) ★★★
    A building built from vases and ceramics
  • 北宁公园 (Beining Park) ★★★
    A park with a pagoda an several beautiful scenery inside
  • 天塔湖广场 (Tianta Lake Scenic Area) ★★
    A small area in the corner of Tianta Lake to see television tower and the lake scenery
  • 大悲裡院 (Dabei Zen Monastery) ★★
    Qing Dynasty Buddhist Temple that consist of several hall with its own Buddha statue inside
  • 望海楼教堂 (Seafront Tower Church)
    Old catholic church that located next to Haihe river
  • 周邓纪念馆 (The Memorial Hall to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao)
  • 平津战役纪念馆 (The Memorial Hall of Pingjing Battle)
  • 天津自然博物馆 (Tianjin Natural Museum)
  • 天津博物馆 (Tianjin Museum)
  • 天津科学技术馆 (Tianjin Science and Technology Museum)
  • 长虹生态园 (Changhong Ecological Park)
  • 西开教堂 (Xikai Church)
  • 挂甲禅寺 (Guajia Temple)Small temple in east south area of Tianjin
  • 浸福观音寺 (Jinfu Kuan Yin Temple)Small Kuan Yin temple in the centre area of Tianjin
  • 吕祖堂 (Lvzutang Temple)
  • 第二工人文化宫 (No.2 Worker’s Cultural Palace) ★★★
    A park that built for Workers. There are a lot of attractions for kids and there are a lot of fitness tools you can use in the park for free.
  • 热带观光植物园 (Tropical Botanical Garden)
  • 西沽公园 (Xigu Park) ★★
    A park with forest themed in northern Tianjin
  • 凯旋门大厦 (The Mansion of Triumphal Aroh)
  • 文庙 (Confucius Temple)
  • 清真大寺 (Tianjin Mosque)
  • 小站练兵 (Xiaozhan Troop Training Park)
  • 津湾广场 (Jinwan Plaza)
  • 海河公园 (Sea River Park) ★
    Park on the side of Haihe River

Outsite City :

  • 九山顶 (Jiushanding / Nine-Dragon Mountain Scenic Area)
  • 玉佛宫 (Yufo Palace)
  • 黄崖关长城 (Great Wall at Huangya Pass)
  • 盘山 (Panshan Mountain)
  • 八仙山自然 保护区 (Mountain Baxian / Eight Immortals Nature Reserve)
  • 石家大院 (Mansion of Family Shi)
  • 热带植物观光园 (Tianjin Tropical Plant Garden)
  • 文昌阁 (Wenchang Pavilion)
  • 杨柳青眼清街 (Yangliuqing Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty Street)
  • 独乐寺 (Dule Temple)
  • 白塔寺 (White Pagoda)
  • 滨海东疆湾沙滩景区 (Binhai Dojiang Wan Beach Scenic Areas)
  • 滨海航母主题公园 (Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park)
  • 东丽湖度假村 (Dongli Lake Holiday Village)
  • 海河外滩公园 (Bank Squre of Haihe River)
  • 洋货市场 (Market of Exotic)
  • 大沽口炮台 (Dagukou Emplacement)
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