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Pic of The Titanic (Titanic Real Photos)

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Before James Cameroon‘s Titanic movie come out in 1997, there are only a little people who knows the sinking of the titanic. The sinking of the RMS Titanic yacht at 1912 is a tragedy that caused the deaths of 1,502 people, make it the most  deadliest and tragic maritime disasters in history. Since Titanic movie released, many people become interested to know more about Titanic. It’s already more than 100 years since the sinking of the titanic. A collection of photos from a camera as silent witness of the tragedy were released. These photos reveal a glimpse of the condition of the passengers of titanic before the disaster happen. The following are some real photos of Titanic on board situation before it sank.

Last Photo of Titanic

Last photo of Titanic before it sank

Boy Playing On Deck-1
Boy Playing On Deck

Ladies disembark tender 'America'

Ladies Disembark Tender America

Major Frank Browne

Major Frank Browne, a prolific photographer who abroad the Titanic

Steerage getting settled on deck

Steerage Getting Settled on Deck

US doctor inspecting eyes

US Doctor Inspecting Eyes

waiting for job transfer mail
Waiting For Job Transfer Mail

The gymnasium

The Gymnasium

Inspection of life jackets

Inspection of Life Jackets

Bedroom of Browne suite

Bedroom of Browne Suite

Queenstown vendor sells irish lace

Queenstown Vendor Sells Irish Lace

If you are interested in the real photographs of the Titanic, you can buy the following book.

Titanic in Photographs

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