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Personality Based on Favorite Color

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Several months ago, i ever read an article about how to identify someone personality based on their favorite color. Although some of them is not perfectly match, but i think a lot of them are match as i see it in my close colleagues and friends. This science is similar to Grafalog Science (a science to know peoples personality based on their handwriting). Everyone must have their favorite color. The way how people choose their favorite color is related to people nature, personality, character and behavior. So, if you have crush on a guy or a girl, hope the tips below can be useful for you to understand more about a person you want to know.

Personality Based Favorite Color

Color can describe our personality and character. Like humans, each color has its own secret. Character that owned by each color is believed can be used to represent personality. Human personality based on color is something unique. But do not equate favorite color with the ordinary color that you found during daily routines. Because it is not possible if you paint the walls with red color.

Favorite color is color that a person’s personally preferred, apart from the influence of environment, other people or anything. So if you want to identify a person’s personality indirectly, please just ask his/her favorite color and then matched with the following description.


Red color lovers are enthusiasts and love to have fun to enjoy this life. On the other hand, they easily feel bored because people who love red color most likely always do everything quickly. In essence, peoples who love red color have high enthusiasm and motivation.


Fans of pink color are a sensitive and friendly people who usually has a sweet personality. They really like their pleasant childhood and love something romantic.


Basically, peoples who love bright colors like yellow usually are a cheerful, optimistic and cheerful person. If there’s something wrong, they will try to change it as soon as possible. They usually very spontaneous and always curious about everything.


Fans of blue color are quiet organized and trustworthy type of person. They are also very appreciative of the loyalty of others. Some types of blue color has different character. Blue sky represents the type of person who likes fun and relaxed life, while the navy blue represents more serious and conservatives personality.


People who love gray color are the type of persons who tends to pull away from the attention of people. They usually do not like direct activities. Because they often hesitate to decide, so they often decide anything until the last moment.


Fans of green color are a type of people who always feel comfortable with security. They also always want to create a better world for others. Green color lovers are wise and manage their time and life goals. But when it comes to important things, they could be rigid.


Brown color lovers has ‘grounded’ or not made-up personality. They are loyal and friend that can be relied. Home and family are important to them, and of course comfort is the major factor in their life.


Purple color lovers are negotiators who have strong desire to please themselves and others. Although these type of person generally well liked, they are not easy to be open and like to enjoy as a bit mysterious person.


Peoples who love yellow color are open, dynamic, and fun person to be around. Naturally, they have flamboyant and exciting personality. So it’s no problem for them to appear different than others. They also have good taste in life and food.


Color white lovers are the type of person who are sincere in everything and they at least do not like being lied. For them, honesty is most important thing. In addition, they are usually a bit closed, they only had a few close friends they can confide in, but they would be good place to vent for all their friends.


People who love the black color are cool person and don’t want to think what people think about them. As long they were comfortable, they will do whatever they like. In friendship, they are pretty fun to be made as friends because they usually can provide solutions to problem of their friends.

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