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Perseverance is your strength. Treat Problem as a Gift

What you achieve now is a result of the small thing that you do continuously. Success is not something suddenly falling down from the sky. If you believe in the purpose and the way you are , then you should have the perseverance to keep trying . Perseverance is your ability to survive in the midst of stress and difficulty. You should still take the next step . Do not just stop at the first step . It is the further you walk , the many obstacles that block. Imagine , just yesterday, in case you stop , you will not be here now . Each step increase your value . Whatever you do, not to lose your hard work. Because Perseverance is your endurance .

There some words said ” thousands kilometers of steps begins with one step “. A big step actually consists of many small steps. And the first step of success have you seen from your home . Your home is the best for your heart . That’s the best place for the start and to return . So start your progress with the development of your heart and your mind and your efforts . Coming hard when what you’re doing really comes from your heart .

Treat Problem as a Gift

When you consider the problem as a load , you may avoid it. When you consider the problem as a challenge , you may face . However , the problem should be a gift you receive happily. Because all problem always train you and make you better people. Just imagine if you don’t have a problem at all in your life. You’ll become weak people and can’t do anything great in this life. I frequently found great people achieve their success after faced some severe problem in their lifes. With sharp eyes, you should see a successful reversal of every problem .

Problems are the stairs leading to higher power. So, face it and transform it as your strength to succeed. It doesn’t matter, if you can’t achieve success. In fact, we can’t avoid problem in lifes, therefore, accept them as a gift.

The biggest prize given by the eagle to their children are not pieces of food in the morning. Neither do the warm in the cold night. However, it is when they threw them from a high cliff. The first moment the eaglet believe that their mother was so extreme. But an hour later, what they receive is not death, but the true power as eagle for themself, that is flying . If you do not dare to overcome the problem, you will failed in the rest of your life.

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    Nice post

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    Nice post

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    May 28th, 2014 at 02:59 | #4

    Thank you so much for your words….. Treat problems as a gift……

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