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On Page SEO Complete Guide

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of key to be success in Internet Marketing. SEO itself is divided into two major : On Page SEO (optimization technique that is done internally in our website) and Off Page SEO (optimization techniques that is performed externally or often referred as building backlinks). Among both SEO technique, On Page SEO is easier to do. And most importantly, On Page SEO does not cost money. Although there are some premium tools like WordPress plugins that will allow you to check your overall On Page SEO score for your website, but actually On Page SEO can be done without any tools at all. For those of you who do not know how to do On Page SEO, I will share several points (checklist) that distinguish your post/page have been optimized or not.

on page seo complete guide

On Page SEO Checklist

Below i will explaining various points about On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

Post / Page Title

Title is one of the most important factor of On Page SEO. Choosing Post / Page Title of your blog will determine how much traffic will come to your website later. Here are key points you must pay attention when creating title of a post on your blog:
– Try to use title contain keyword that is still has little competition. It’s better if you can do research on keywords of articles you want to write.
– Create title as interesting as possible. Use words that make people tempted to read your post
– Use Title that contain Keyword. If possible place the keyword as the first words on the Title
– Title contains at least 3 words
– Long Title should not exceed 66 characters
– Avoid using characters-characters like -, <,]]>, etc.


Permalink is one important factor in On Page SEO. If you notice, actually Google show its search result based on permalink. Therefore, it is important setting permalink to contain your keyword. If the domain of your blog does not contain keywords, you can add keywords to permalink.

Meta Tag

Since several years ago, Google already ignore Meta Tag as factor that influence SEO value of a website. However, it doesn’t mean that Meta Tag is totally useless. If you do a search on Google, which appears on the title and description of each line on SERP taken from Meta Tag of your page. Beside that, meta tag is still influenced factor in other search engine. The important points about Meta Tags are :
– Description meta tag contains keyword. If possible place your keyword as first word of your meta tag description.
– Description meta tag contains up to 160 characters
– Keywords meta tag contain keyword


Besides title, this is probably the second most important factor that you should really pay attention if you want your post appear on  Google SERP’s first page.
Here are the points that will add the power of SEO of your post :

– Use keywords in Heading H1, H2, H3.
– Content contains at least 300 words
– Content has 2.0-4.0% keyword density
– Content contains keyword in the first 50-100 words
– Content contains at least one image with keyword in ALT attribute
– Content contains at least one bold keyword
– Content contains at least one italicized keyword
– Content contains at least one underlined keyword
– Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one external link
– Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one internal link
– Content contains keyword in the last 50-100 words

Internal Linking

The characteristics of website that has good internal linking is there are a lot of anchor text in its content. When we click on it, it will lead us to another page / post on the website. Google like these types of websites. The purpose to do this is because when Google robot crawling data on your website, Google’s robot will be able to explore all of your posts perfectly. Besides that, the anchor text of each links will help Google robot determine what keywords are contained in each post. If you do not know what internal linking, I will discuss more detail in my next post.


For those of you who previously had not been too concerned with SEO, you can try to do the checklist above from now on. You will be surprised with the results you will get. For those of you who use WordPress, there is an easier way to perform this On Page SEO technique. There are several Premium Tools (Plugin) that will help you measure how high your On Page SEO value of your posts / pages.
Some WordPress Plugin for On Page SEO is as follows:

The function of above plugin is to help us measure how perfect the optimization that we have done. This plugin also provides checklist to help us know where are the points that we have done and the points that we have not done.

easy wp seo

I personally just use Easy WP SEO as my On Page SEO Tools, and it was more than enough in my opinion. Sometimes when you get used to create optimized page, you will not need plugins like Easy WP SEO or ClickBump SEO anymore.

Hopefully my article above can help you to succeed in Internet business.

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