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Off Page SEO : Building One-Way Backlink Using Yahoo Pipes

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One of the most important factor in SEO is Backlink. An optimization will not achieve success without backlink, except if you snipe some of low competition keywords. Building backlink will be be a thing you have to do this continuously if you want to have your post in first page in Google SERP. After wrote article about Building Backlink through Social Bookmark Websites, this time i will give you another technique. The good thing about this technique is it’s completely free.

A good backlink is one-way backlink. One of many technique to get this is from site feed. One of my favorite site feed that i usually use is Yahoo Pipes. By doing this technique, your blog will get backlink automatically every time you write a new article in your blog. This one of SEO secret that every new published article will be directly indexed and have position in first page on Google Search Engine.

Yahoo Pipes

To get this backlink, you must first create Yahoo email account. After that you can login into Yahoo Pipes using your email account. To get backlink, follow these steps bellow :

1. After you login into Yahoo Pipes, click “Create Pipe

Create Pipes in Yahoo Pipes

 2. A Welcome to Pipes Editor dialog will appear if you login Yahoo Pipes for the first time. Click Ok. Then drag the Fetch Feed on the left side menu to the window editor in the middle.

Fetch Feed in Yahoo Pipes

3. After dragging the fetch feed into the window editor, enter the feed url of your website into fetch feed box in the editor. And then click the circle on the bottom side of the box and connect it to Pipe Output that located below. The result will be like this

fetch feed connected in yahoo pipes

4. After that, wait for couple of seconds until your feed appear in the bottom of the editor. If it doesn’t appear, click Refresh. The result should be like this

yahoo pipes output result

5. After that, save your feed and enter your feed name in the edit box.

save yahoo pipes

6. Click “Run Pipe” in the top of editor.

run pipe in yahoo pipes

7. Then the new tab will appear. Fill the description of your Feed and click “Publish” to publish your feed into Yahoo Pipe.

publish yahoo pipes


After your Feed is published, you will get backlink everytime you make an update on your blog / website.

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    Thanks for sharing this tip. I’ve just become aware of Yahoo Pipes and the instruction was super simple.

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