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Nostalgia with Google’s Pac Man. Back to old times

Today while browsing, I found an interesting article … What is it? This is related with the Google logo a few days ago. Whether you noticed or not, a few days ago, those of you who signed into Google would notice that there’s something different with the logos of it. Yes … Google logo is replaced with the logo of Pac Man.

Coinciding with the birthday-30, Pac Man is indeed one of the legendary game that is one of the early generations in the world of gaming. For you who have a chance to know this logo, have you also tried to play Pac Man Google’s version game on it? In fact, based on the CNet News article, last Friday the average Google user plays Pac Man game is around 36 seconds. It’s not a long time of timeplay, but if all users playing time totalled, the amount could reach 4.8 million hours wasted just to play that game. This show that people still enthusiastic to play a game that was released by Namco Bandai 30 years ago. Playing this game even for a while make us to reminisce childhood memories. I myself also one of the fans of Pac Man when its released for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Pac Man game really one of legendary game. Before the video game doesn’t still advance as now, this game is like mandatory to be played by every person.

That may seem like a bold statement, but the there is evidence to back the idea of Pac-Man That May be the most influential video games of all time. For instance, to the Guinness Book Of World Records named Pac-Man-Known as “the best video game character on Earth, beating out stalwarts like the Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog. Also Guinness lists Pac-Man as the most Successful Coin-operated games ever.

Ok … Enough blogging …. Just sharing what i found interesting thing on the morning.

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