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Next Step for your Internet Business : Analyze the Idea (Niche) and choose the right Keyword

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Today, i will continue the lesson about build internet business. If you don’t understand what i mean (its mean that you haven’t read about them at all), i suggest you to read my post before. The last thing i wrote is about find and idea. That’s the first step you have to do if you want to build internet business. After find an idea, the next step is analyze the idea. This is one of the most important step from all progress i mentioned in Step By Step to Build Internet Business. If you wrong to do this, you’ll be wrong on the rest of your business.

So… What do i mean analyze the idea? Let’s back to business analogy like what i explained in Step by Step Guide to build Internet Business again. Let’s assume we have an idea to build a supermarket in our town. The first thing we must check is the demand (how much people want to buy in our supermarket). The next step is to check our competitior. Is there already a lot of supermarket in our town? After check all and we still see a good opportunity on it, we can go with the plan. The analysis step in online business is similar with what we do in real business. I’ll pick one example. Let’s assume we want to build a business that focus on wedding gift in internet. The first step we do is analyze the demand (How much people want to buy).

You can enter Google Adwords Keyword Tools. Just enter the keyword wedding gift to search box and click Search.

After a while, you’ll see result like below

You’ll see several keywords about wedding gift, ex : wedding gifts, wedding gift ideas, unique wedding gift, etc. Take a look on Global Monthly Searches column. That column indicate how much people search on that keyword in one month. Let’s pick keyword unique wedding gift for example. There are 12,100 people who search about unique wedding gift every month. Is it large enough for your business? That’s really depend on what business you want to built. The number is relative. But i will not take the keywords with number of global monthly searches below 3,000. The other column you must pay attention is Competition column. It will be easier to build a business in low competition but there are still a lot of people search about it. What i usually do after the result come out is Sort it based on Global Monthly Searches. The result will be like this

From here you can see what the most potention keyword to work on. Sometimes you can analyze deeper with longer keyword based on this result. Let’s pick an example. Based on the search above, i see wedding invitations is a good keyword with 2,740,000 searches in one month. So i decide to analyze deeper on wedding invitations keyword by entered it on search box once again. After the result appear, i usually uncheck the unrelated keyword to show only keywords that contain “wedding invitation” keyword.

And the result will be like this

From here we can pick more focus keyword (example : wedding invitation cards, wedding invitation ideas, beach wedding invitation, etc) as the target for our business. You can repeat the step to get longer and more focused keyword.

After finished check the demand, if you want to check more detail about the niche you want to enter, you can use Google Trends.

What i usually check on Google Trends are :

– How is the trend? Uptrend / Downtrend / or sideways

An uptrend trend will be a good sign to work on. Your business will be last for long term.

– From what city and  country the demand come from?

Knowing where the demand come from is important, especially if you built a business that sell a physical product. You have to consider the shipping fee and other factors. The language they use also important. Sometimes if most user use non English language, it will become useless to build a website using English language

After choose the right keywords for our business, the next step is analyze the competition. In the next post, i will explain more about to analyze the competition. Just keep visiting my blog

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