My Trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Day 2) : Genting Highlands

After window shopping in Bukit Bintang and go to Petronas Twin Tower on the first day, we spent our second day in Genting Highlands or sometimes called as Resort World Genting. This place was built to become one of the biggest integrated resort in Malaysia. Genting Highlands is similar to Ancol in Jakarta. It’s like combining several entertainment place in one place. There are a lot of entertainment you can enjoy in Genting Highlands, such as Casino, Genting Theme Park, Genting Skyway (Cable Car), etc. This place is quite far from Kuala Lumpur, because it’s located in a mountain outside the city. At first, i plan to go by bus to go to this place. But i ran out of bus ticket. If i insist to go by bus, i will depart from KL Sentral around 14:30, which would be very late to spend time for this second day. Fortunately, there are 2 Indonesian people who offer to share taxi with us. I finally went to Genting by using Taxi. The price for one taxi is RM 80 ($ 26.29) that time. Because there are 4 people who use the taxi, then we only pay RM 20 ($  6.5) / person (Not too expensive, right?). After one hour ride, we finally arrive at Genting Highlands. The weather is good, not too cold, not too hot. It’s similar to my hometown.

genting highlands road

Genting Highlands (Resort World Genting)

This place is like Malaysia version of Singapore’s Sentosa Island.  If you want to play and have fun, then this is definitely the place you must visit in Malaysia. It’s cable car (Genting Skyway) used to be the fastest gondola in the world and the longest gondola in South East Asia. The theme park has two section, indoor theme park and outdoor theme park. I only play at outdoor theme park, because we must pay again to enter indoor theme park.

Genting Highlands Entrance Ticket Price

genting entrance ticket price

Actually, the ride in Genting is not as many as i thought. Most of ride attraction is not too exciting and thrilling to play. And the problem is i have to pay again to ride all the thrilling ride like Flying Coaster, Sky Venture. But among all thrilling ride i tried, i still enjoy Corkscrew (roller coaster with 2 round of 360 degree), Cyclone (smaller version Corkscrew) and Flying Dragon  (dragon roller coaster) and Space Shoot (fall from the high vertically).




Actually i couldn’t find too many exciting ride in this park. So we only spent our time until afternoon to finish all the ride in this park. We decide to use Genting Skyway for our way back before going back to hotel. Compared to Singapore Jewel Box (Cable Car), Genting Skyway is more exciting. Because we came down from a very high altitude down the montain.

Genting Cable Car

Genting Cable Car

Genting Skyway

After arrived at Skyway Cable Car Station, we have to buy bus ticket to go back to Kuala Lumpur. Too bad, we run out the bus ticket. So we finally look for taxi once again to go back to Kuala Lumpur. We finally share the taxi with Indian to make the cost cheaper. After arrived at the hotel, we just took a walk around the hotel to save our energy. Because we must go in the morning to LCCT Airport to continue our journey to Tianjin, China.

At this point our trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is over. It’s a short time period, but it’s fun. It’s not because the place i visit are beautiful, but it’s more fun because i was always accompanied by my girlfriend.

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