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My New Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 2.0 (P3100)

I finally bought a new gadget yesterday.  And my choice fall to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P3100). Actually i have waiting so long to buy this Android gadget. I usually use Blackberry, iPad and iPod Touch (the last 2 gadget were not mine, i borrowed them from my brother and my girlfriends). Honestly, i was the great fans of Apple. But as the development going in recent years, i start to lose faith on Apple technology. After i tried my brother’s Samsung Galaxy S3, i have to admit that Andorid has a lot of better user experiences than iOS. That’s why for now, i prefer android gadget than Apple gadget that using iOS. Because there are a lot of Android gadget out there, it’s not an easy thing to choose between them. It’s not like Apple that only have 3-5 products in the market. But the news often mentioned that Samsung is the best selling gadget brands in the worlds for now. So my choice goes to Samsung. The next question was which Samsung product i want to buy? Beside Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, there are Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 MiniGalaxy Grand and Galaxy Note. Each products has their own advantage and disadvantage. Because i looking for a gadget that have larger screen size, then my choice narrowed into 2 products, between Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 8.0. Finally, i choosed Galaxy Tab 2, because it’s far more cheaper than Galaxy Note, and i think 7.0 screen size is the most suitable one for me.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

It’s really fun have Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as my new gadget. I frequently use this product to read some ebook and books. I also can watch some movies, play some music and play some games from it.

After tried it for 1 day, i will try to write some little review about this product. Overall, i am very satisfied with this product. What makes me love about Android is because its flexibility and compatibility with other account. Below i write some of features that that make Samsung Android is much better than Apple Gadget (iPhone, iPad, iPod) :

1. Contacts

The first is about the  contacts. I was suprised when i just finish installed LINE Messenger and found out that all my friends already in the Contacts. It’s really cool. Other OS can do that. In iOS and Blackberry OS, you have to add all your contacts manually (one by one) if you just buy a new gadget. In Android, all you need to do is just login to your Google and Facebook account and all your contacts will suddenly appear in your android gadget.

2013-07-06 13.19.56

2. Flexibility

Compared to Apple’s gadget, i prefer Android much much more. It’s really not easy to copy files from your iPhone to your computer, because you have to use iTunes to synchronize the files. But, Android is really different story. Plug the android gadget into your computer is like plug the USB Flash Disk into your computer. The gadget will appear on your computer like a removeable drive, and you can copy, rename, delete any files you want. The only drawback from this gadget is it’s not detected in my Mac OS X (it’s maybe because Apple and Samsung hate each other), so i have to enter Windows XP via Parallel Desktop make the android detected in my Computer.

3. Desktop

This is the great features that iOS doesn’t have (even in newest iOS). Having desktop is like have having a table in your office. You can put all your most used application and widget in the desktop. I can even add some news widget, so i can follow every news without open the application first. This is one of the most useful feature in Android.


 4. Screen Size

The reason why i choose Samsung Galaxy Tab is because of its screen. It has 7 inch screen that is very suitable for me who love to read book and read the news in gadget. 7 inch screen also very good to watch movie.

5.  SD Card Slot

One of many advantages Samsung gadget compared to Apple Gadget is the SD Card Slot. In Apple Gadget, you can’t add additional data storage if you feel the data storage in the gadget is not enough.

6. Macromedia Flash Support

The conflict between Apple and Macromedia make the Apple Gadget prohibit the Macromedia Flash support on their gadget. This make us who visit website that using Flash can’t be opened properly on Apple gadget.

7. Better Multimedia Experience

In Multimedia aspect, Android is better than Apple iOS. The reason why i said this because the flexibility. It’s kinda hard to copy songs or movies between friends who are using Apple iOS. In Android, you just plug the gadget and you can copy the files like you plug your hard drive to your computer. Beside that, you can’t only open MP4 files for movies in Apple iOS. So you have to convert the movies in MP4 files, before you can watch it on your Apple smartphone. In android, you don’t need to do that. You can open any format movies files using free MX Player software in Google Play Store.

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