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My New Life Journey This Year : Study Chinese Language at Tianjin

February 26th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

This year, i try something new on my life. I decide to study chinese language at China. I go there with my girlfriend. In fact, i actually already have the desire to school abroad for a long time. But this dream has just been realized now. I always want to learn Chinese. And i choose 天津 Tian Jin, China as my destination, because there are not much Indonesian people there, so i can improve my chinese language significantly. Beside that, the cost study there is cheaper than study at other city like 北京 Beijing or 上海 Shanghai. On 20 February, I finally arrived at Tianjin . Hmmm …. My initial impression here the air is FREEZZZZINNNGGGG …. The temperature here is below 0. After a half hour drive from the Airport, i finally arrived to my dormitory. First thing to do, i must register my room. It cost about 5,256 CNY (US $ 800) for 5 months stay. Because i can’t talk chinese fluently, i got helped from my friend, Irvhan. After registered, finally I can rest. The room here is quite good for dormitory. It’s more like hotel than a dormitory.

Here some photos of my room.

After arrived at dormitory, i with my girlfriend and 3 other friends bought some amenities such as bedcovers, mineral water, battery, bread, bucket, tissue, etc at the second closest mart (大润法 RT-Mart). Looking around the campus we stay, i was a little shocked. The situation here is not like big cities, but much like the village. But fortunately, there is a hypermart called 物美 Wu Mart  and 大润法 RT-Mart near campus.  First days in Tianjin seems kinda hard for me as vegan. Peoples here don’t understand at all about vegetarian. So i decide to eat bread and some vegetable in the canteen, while i buy some cooking equipment to cook by myself. It’s very exciting to live in other country. This will be unforgetable moment that i will always remember in my life.

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  1. March 16th, 2011 at 16:07 | #1

    Wow, very nice Ven, pursuing your dream. I’m also in the process of pursuing my long time dream. Let’s hope for the best. Just make sure you have high speed internet connection, it’s like oxygen for you as trader.

  2. May 14th, 2011 at 15:01 | #2

    thx, yen. using internet here is not to convenient. a lot of website blocked by china government. so sad

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