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My Happy Vacation on Singapore

September 17th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am one type of people who love traveling so much. In the future, if i already reach financial freedom and have lot of free time in life, i wish i can travel visiting every country arround the world as far as i can. I don’t have that opportunity until now. But i am very fortunate that i already visit several countries abroad even its only in South East Asia. And from several countries i already visited, one of my favorite country is Singapore. Why i love Singapore? This is the only country where you can go on every corner on the city by walking. And no doubt this is the cleanest city in the world. Lot of public services like Bus, MRT is several points that make me love Singapore so much. For you who haven’t already visited Singapore, i recommend you to visit this country at least once. Because i just traveled again to Singapore this month, i try to make a travel guide to Singapore in this blog.

It’s me at Marina Sand Skypark, Singapore


To make your vacation to Singapore more efficient, cheaper and effective, you must know all the information about Singapore. I’ll try to cover all about that in my blog. In this blog, you’ll find complete guide of how to do Singapore Traveling by your own. You also can make a plan and preparation for traveling with certain budget. You can arrange airline ticket, accomodation, food and the transportation starting from the cheap one to the expensive one.

What i’ll write in this blog in the future are :

1. What you need to know about Singapore

2. Singapore Traveling Cost

3. Place to Visit (Place of Interest) In Singapore

4. Singapore City Map

5. MRT System Map

Just keep visiting my blog, i’ll cover all of them very detail soon…




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