My Commission Cheat Result after three weeks

Here the update of my progress in Commission Cheat systems. Until today i already create more than 50 pages of video in Gumshare. And i have two popular video pages that become most viewed media in Gumshare. Today, i checked my Clickbank account that i created special for Commission Cheat system. And the result is great… It’s already generate some income. It made $129 just in one day. It’s 2 days ago (03/09/2012). But there is no sale on the next day. To get this income i place 2 clickbank ads and 1 amazon ads on my gumshare page. This is a good sign that this system really works. For traffic generation, i use the strategy like what it’s given in the bonus video on Commission Cheat Member area. Below is my screenshot of the Clickbank account that i created for Commission Cheat.

clickbank commision cheat

Since this week, i also try different method to generate traffic. I use social media to generate more traffic. Hope it will increase the traffic. If you haven’t know what is Commission Cheat? Please check my previous post in here. I am using Commission Cheat system without two upsell they offered. Keep visit my website to know the update of my progress using this system.


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  1. This sound wonderful. I just joined a couple weeks ago and still haven’t seen any income. I post videos daily at least 20 per day. I am still workig on my website without any knowledge how to tie it into gumshare. I have wrote to “support” on four occasions and as of today no answer. Please tell me how did you generate a clickbank acoount wth gumshare. Are they listed in cickbank if so where do I find it?

  2. hi, arthur. i just use stumbleupon to promote the gumshare pages. I think my $129 sales was only beginner’s luck. I don’t have any income anymore since i got $129 that day. It’s already a week since that day and i still got nothing. I am not surprise knowing this result, because if you check the traffic via Clickbank Analytics report, the hop amount is very low. So it’s no surprise if it doesn’t generate any sales. Don’t trust any review out there, especially blog or website that place commission cheat banner on their sidebar (you know what i mean), their screenshot is edited by Photoshop. It need a lot of work to make this system really works. Probably, you can use social media like facebook and twitter as the alternative of Stumbleupon.

  3. I wonder how much you paid to stumbleupon, because you did use Stumbleupon Paid Discovery? It says it’ll charge you $ 0,10 per visitor.

  4. i don’t use paid discovery. i just use stumbleupon toolbar and click I like it! on each gumshare video page i just added.