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Miss Universe 2015 Official Swimsuit Photos (80 Contestants)

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Before the preliminary, all the contestants already took a swimsuit photo session. All contestants poses in Yamamay swimwear at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The bikini were dominated by pink and white color. It was a beauty explosion of each contestants at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant and we thought they all looked hot and sexy. Below are all the official swimsuit photos of all Miss Universe 2015 contestants. Enjoy…

official Miss Albania, Megi Luka
Miss Albania, Megi Luka

official Miss Angola Whitney Houston A. Shikongo
Miss Angola, Whitney Shikongo

official Miss Argentina Claudia Barrionuevo
Miss Argentina, Claudia Barrionuevo

official Miss Aruba, Alysha Boekhoudt
Miss Aruba, Alysha Boekhoudt

official Miss Australia Monika Radulovic
Miss Australia, Monika Radulovic

official Miss Austria Amina Dagi
Miss Austria, Amina Dagi

official Miss Bahamas Toria Nichole
Miss Bahamas, Toria Nichole

official Miss Belgium Annelies TorosMiss Belgium, Annelies Törös

official Miss Bolivia Romina Rocamonje
Miss Bolivia, Romina Rocamonje

official Miss Brazil Marthina Brandt
Miss Brazil, Marthina Brandt

official Miss British Virgin Islands, Adorya Baly
Miss British Virgin Islands, Adorya Baly

official Miss Bulgaria Radostina Todorova
Miss Bulgaria, Radostina Todorova

official Miss Canada Paola Nunez
Miss Canada, Paola Nunez

official Miss Cayman Islands Tonie Chisholm
Miss Cayman Islands, Tonie Chisholm

official Miss Chile Maria Belen Jerez
Miss Chile, María Belén Jerez

official Miss China Yun Fang Xue
Miss China, Yun Fang Xue

official Miss Colombia Ariadna GutierrezMiss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez-Arévalo

official Miss Costa Rica Brenda Castro
Miss Costa Rica, Brenda Castro

official Miss Croatia, Mirta Kustan
Miss Croatia, Mirta Kuštan

official Miss Curacao Kanisha Sluis
Miss Curaçao, Kanisha Sluis

official Miss Czech Republic Nikol Svantnerova
Miss Czech Republic, Nikol Švantnerová

official Miss Denmark Cecilie Wellemberg
Miss Denmark, Cecilie Wellemberg

official Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina
Miss Dominican Republic, Clarissa Molina

official Miss Ecuador Francesca Cipriani
Miss Ecuador, Francesca Cipriani

official Miss El Salvador Fatima Rivas
Miss El Salvador, Fatima Rivas

official Miss Finland, Rosa-Maria Ryyti
Miss Finland, Rosa-Maria Ryyti

official Miss France Flora CoquerelMiss France, Flora Coquerel

official Miss Gabon, Ornella Obone
Miss Gabon, Ornella Obone

official Miss Georgia Janet Kerdikoshvili
Miss Georgia, Janet Kerdikoshvili

official Miss Germany, Sarah-Lorraine Riek
Miss Germany, Sarah-Lorraine Riek

official Miss Ghana, Hilda Akua
Miss Ghana, Hilda Akua

official Miss Great Britain Nena Franc
Miss Great Britain, Narissara France

official Miss Greece, Mikaela-Eleni Fotiadi
Miss Greece, Mikaela-Eleni Fotiadi

official Miss Guatemala Jeimmy Tahiz Aburto
Miss Guatemala, Jeimmy Aburto

official Miss Guyana, Shauna Ramdyhan
Miss Guyana, Shauna Ramdyhan

official Miss Haiti, Lisa Drouillard
Miss Haiti, Lisa Drouillard

official Miss Honduras Iroshka Elvir
Miss Honduras, Iroshka Elvir

official Miss Hungary, Nikoletta Nagy
Miss Hungary, Nikoletta Nagy

official Miss India Urvashi Rautela
Miss India, Urvashi Rautela

official Miss Indonesia Anindya Putri
Miss Indonesia, Anindya Putri

official Miss Ireland, Joanna Cooper
Miss Ireland, Joanna Cooper

official Miss Israel, Avigail Alfatov
Miss Israel, Avigail Alfatov

official Miss Italy, Giada Pezzaioli
Miss Italy, Giada Pezzaioli

official Miss Jamaica Sharlene Radlein
Miss Jamaica, Sharlene Rädlein

official Miss Japan Ariana Miyamoto
Miss Japan, Ariana Miyamoto

official Miss Korea Seoyeon Kim
Miss Korea, Kim Seo-yeon

official Miss Kosovo, Mirjeta Shala
Miss Kosovo, Mirjeta Shala

official Miss Lebanon Cynthia Roger Samuel
Miss Lebanon, Cynthia Samuel

official Miss Malaysia Vanessa Tevi
Miss Malaysia, Vanessa Tevi

official Miss Mauritius Sheetal Khadun
Miss Mauritius, Sheetal Khadun

official Miss Mexico Wendy Esparza
Miss Mexico, Wendy Esparza

official Miss Montenegro Maja Cukic
Miss Montenegro, Maja Čukić

official Miss Myanmar May Thaw
Miss Myanmar, May Thaw

official Miss Netherlands Jessie Jazz Vuijk
Miss Netherlands, Jessie Jazz Vuijk

official Miss New Zealand Samantha McClung
Miss New Zealand, Samantha McClung

official Miss Nicaragua, Daniela Torres
Miss Nicaragua, Daniela Torres

official Miss Nigeria Debbie Collins
Miss Nigeria, Debbie Collins

official Miss Norway Martine Rødseth
Miss Norway, Martine Rødseth

official Miss Panama Gladys Brandao Amaya
Miss Panama, Gladys Brandao Amaya

official Miss Paraguay Myriam Arevalos
Miss Paraguay, Myriam Arévalos

official Miss Peru, Laura Spoya
Miss Peru, Laura Spoya

official Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach

official Miss Poland Weronika Szmajdzinska
Miss Poland, Weronika Szmajdzińska

official Miss Portugal Emilia Rosa Araujo
Miss Portugal, Emília Araújo

official Miss Puerto Rico Catalina Morales
Miss Puerto Rico, Catalina Morales

official Miss Russia, Vladislava Evtushenko
Miss Russia, Vladislava Evtushenko

official Miss Serbia, Dasa Radosavljevic
Miss Serbia, Daša Radosavljević

=official Miss Singapore Lisa White
Miss Singapore, Lisa White

official Miss Slovakia, Denisa Vysnovska
Miss Slovakia, Denisa Vyšnovská

official Miss South Africa Refilwe Mthimunye
Miss South Africa, Refilwe Mthimunye

official Miss Spain Carla Barber Garcia
Miss Spain, Carla Barber Garcia

official Miss Sweden, Paulina Brodd
Miss Sweden, Paulina Brodd

official Miss Tanzania Lorraine Marriot
Miss Tanzania, Lorraine Marriot

official Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong
Miss Thailand, Aniporn Chalermburanawong

official Miss Turkey Melisa Uzun
Miss Turkey, Melisa Uzun

official Miss Ukraine, Anna Vergelskaya
Miss Ukraine, Anna Vergelskaya

official Miss Uruguay Biancha Sanches
Miss Uruguay, Bianca Sánchez

official Miss USA Olivia Jordan
Miss USA, Olivia Jordan

official Miss Venezuela Mariana Jimenez
Miss Venezuela, Mariana Jimenez

official Miss Vietnam Huong Pham
Miss Vietnam, Huong Pham

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