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Miss Universe 2012 Swimsuit Preview Session

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Having photographed using swimsuit outfit several days ago ago, all Miss Universe 2012 contestants once again must wear bikini in swimsuit preview session. This is a important part of the pre-judging. The swimsuit preview itself already takes places since 2002. This session is to score the bodies of all Miss Universe contestant and get the general idea about their general fitness. Unlike the bikini in swimsuit photo session, the bikini worn in this session is limited to only 2  model (sky blue bikini and orange bikini). All the bikinis is two pieces bikini that sponsored by Kooey from Australia.


Below are all photos of Miss Universe 2012 contestant during the swimsuit preview session. Which one is your favorite?

Miss Albania 2012, Adrola Dushi

Adrola Dushi – Miss Albania

Miss Angola 2012, Marcelina Vahekeni

Marcelina Vahekeni – Miss Angola

Miss Argentina 2012, Camilla Solórzano

Camila Solorzano – Miss Argentina

Miss Aruba 2012, Liza Helder

Liza Helder – Miss Aruba

Miss Australia 2012, Renae Ayris

Renae Ayris – Miss Australia

Miss Bahamas 2012, Celeste Marshall

Celeste Marshall – Miss Bahamas

Miss Bolivia 2012, Yessica Mouton

Yessica Mouton – Miss Bolivia

Miss Botswana 2012, Sheillah Molelekwa

Sheillah Molelekwa – Miss Botswana

Miss Brazil 2012, Gabriela Markus

Gabriela Markus – Miss Brazil

Miss British Virgin Islands 2012, Abigail Hyndman

Abigail Hyndman – Miss British Virgin Islands

Miss Bulgaria 2012, Zhana Yaneva

Zhana Yaneva – Miss Bulgaria

Miss Canada 2012, Yamoah Adwoa

Yamoah Adwoa – Miss Canada

Miss Cayman Islands 2012, Linsday Japal

Linsday Japal – Miss Cayman Islands

Miss Chile 2012, Ana Luisa König

Ana Luisa Konig – Miss Chile

Miss China 2012, Ji Dan Xu

Ji Dan Xu – Miss China

Miss Costa Rica 2012, Nazareth Cascante

Nazareth Cascante – Miss Costa Rica

Miss Croatia 2012, Elizabeta Burg

Elizabeta Burg – Miss Croatia

Miss Curacao 2012, Monifa Jansen

Monifa Jansen – Miss Curacao

Miss Czech Republic 2012, Tereza Chlebovská

Tereza Chlebovská – Miss Czech Republic

Miss Dominican Republic 2012, Dulcita Lieggi

Dulcita Lieggi – Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Ecuador 2012, Carolina Andrea Aguirre Pérez

Carolina Andrea Aguirre Pérez – Miss Ecuador

Miss El Salvador 2012, Ana Yancy Clavel

Ana Yancy Clavel – Miss El Salvador

Miss Estonia 2012, Natalie Korneitsik

Natalie Korneitsik – Miss Estonia

Miss Finland 2012, Sara Chafak

Sara Chafak – Miss Finland

Miss France 2012, Marie Payet


Marie Payet – Miss France

Miss Gabon 2012, Channa Divouvi

Channa Divouvi – Miss Gabon

Miss Georgia 2012, Tamar Shedania

Tamar Shedania – Miss Georgia

Miss Germany 2012, Alicia Endemann

Alicia Endemann – Miss Germany

Miss Ghana 2012, Gifty Ofori

Gifty Ofori – Miss Ghana

Miss Great Britain 2012, Holly Hale

Holly Hale – Miss Great Britain

Miss Greece 2012, Vasiliki Tsirogianni

Vasiliki Tsirogianni – Miss Greece

Miss Guam 2012, Alyssa Cruz Aguero

Alyssa Cruz Aguero – Miss Guam

Miss Guyana 2012, Ruqayyah Boyer

Ruqayyah Boyer – Miss Guyana

Miss Haiti 2012, Christela Jacques

Christela Jacques – Miss Haiti

Miss Honduras 2012, Jennifer Andrade

Jennifer Andrade – Miss Honduras

Miss Hungary 2012, Agnes Konkoly

Agnes Konkoly – Miss Hungary

Miss India 2012, Shilpa Singh

Shilpa Singh – Miss India

Miss Indonesia 2012, Maria Selena

Maria Selena – Miss Indonesia

Miss Ireland 2012, Adrienne Murphy

Adrienne Murphy – Miss Ireland

Miss Israel 2012, Lina Makhuli

Lina Makhuli – Miss Israel

Miss Italy 2012, Grazia Pinto

Grazia Pinto – Miss Italy

Miss Jamaica 2012, Chantal Zaky

Chantal Zaky – Miss Jamaica

Miss Korea 2012, Sung-hye Lee

Sung Hye Lee – Miss Korea

Miss Lebanon 2012, Rina Chibany

Rina Chibany – Miss Lebanon

Miss Lithuania 2012, Greta Mikalauskyte

Greta Mikalauskyte – Miss Lithuania

Miss Malaysia 2012, Kimberley Leggett

Kimberley Leggett – Miss Malaysia

Miss Mexico 2012, Karina Gonzalez

Karina Gonzalez – Miss Mexico

Miss Namibia 2012, Tsakana Nkandih

Tsakana Nkandih – Miss Namibia

Miss Netherlands 2012, Nathalie den Dekker

Nathalie den Dekker – Miss Netherlands

Miss New Zealand 2012, Talia Bennett

Talia Bennett – Miss New Zealand

Miss Nicaragua 2012, Farah Eslaquit

Farah Eslaquit – Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nigeria 2012, Isabella Agbor Ojong Ayuk

Isabella Agbor Ojong Ayuk – Miss Nigeria

Miss Norway 2012, Sara Nicole Anderson

Sara Nicole Anderson – Miss Norway

Miss Panama 2012, Stephanie Vander Werf

Stephanie Vander Werf – Miss Panama

Miss Paraguay 2012, Egni Eckert

Egni Eckert – Miss Paraguay

Miss Peru 2012, Nicole Faveron

Nicole Faveron – Miss Peru

Miss Philippines 2012, Janine Tugonon

Janine Tugonon – Miss Philippines

Miss Poland 2012, Marcelina Zawadzka

Marcelina Zawadzka – Miss Poland

Miss Puerto Rico 2012, Bodine Koehler

Bodine Koehler – Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Romania 2012, Delia Monica Duca

Delia Monica Duca – Miss Romania

Miss Russia 2012, Elizabeth Golovanova

Elizabeth Golovanova – Miss Russia

Miss Serbia 2012, Branislava Mandic

Branislava Mandic – Miss Serbia

Miss Singapore 2012, Lynn Tan

Lynn Tan – Miss Singapore

Miss Slovak Republic 2012, Lubica Stepanova

Lubica Stepanova – Miss Slovak Republic

Miss South Africa 2012, Melinda Bam

Melinda Bam – Miss South Africa

Miss Spain 2012, Andrea Huisgen

Andrea Huisgen – Miss Spain

Miss Sri Lanka 2012, Sabrina Herft

Sabrina Herft – Miss Sri Lanka

Miss St. Lucia 2012, Tara Edward

Tara Edward – Miss St Lucia

Miss Sweden 2012, Hanni Beronius

Hanni Beronius – Miss Sweden

Miss Switzerland 2012, Alina Buchschacher

Alina Buchschacher – Miss Switzerland

Miss Tanzania 2012, Winfrida Dominic

Winfrida Dominic – Miss Tanzania

Miss Thailand 2012, Nutpimon Farida Waller

Nutpimon Farida Waller – Miss Thailand

Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2012, Avionne Mark

Avionne Mark – Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Turkey 2012, Cagil Ozge Özkul

Cagil Ozge Özkul – Miss Turkey

Miss Uruguay 2012, Camila Vezzoso

Camila Vezzoso – Miss Uruguay

Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo – Miss USA

Miss Venezuela 2012, Irene Sofía Esser Quintero

Irene Sofiá Esser Quintero – Miss Venezuela

Miss Vietnam 2012, Diem Huong Luu

 Diem Huong Luu – Miss Vietnam


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