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Maximize Your Google Adsense Income using Google Analytics

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There are many people i know can live in luxury just depend on income from Google Adsense. If you said that is something too good to be true, i think you just don’t know enough how to make money using Google Adsense. Based on my experiences, Google Adsense earning highly impacted by the traffic of your website. Large amount of traffic to your website usually generate good adsense income. But sometimes huge amount of traffic is not a guarantee to increase your Adsense income. Analysing and research deeper about your website will help you to maximize your income. To do this, you’ll need Google Analytics.

In this article i’ll give you step by step guide how to use Google Analytics to help you maximize your profit (especially Adsense). The first thing you must do is link your website into Google Analytics account.

Link Your Website to Google Analytics

To make the data of your website appear on Google Analytics, you have to link your website with Google Analytics.

If you already have Google Analytics account then go directly to https://www.google.com/analytics/settings/?et=reset&hl=en, if you haven’t just create Google Account first then go to http://www.google.com/analytics and follow the instructions.

First you have to add your website domain into Google Analytics.

If you use Google Analytics for the first time, you have to click Sign Up

If you already have an website then you’ll just click Add Website Profiles at the bottom on the page

After that, you have to add your website domain and choose your Time zone and click Continue


Follow the instructions until your account successfully created.


Link Google Adsense with Google Analytics

After you enter Google Analytics Dashboard, click Edit  Adsense linking settings on the top of the page.

There will be list of profiles of your website.

Click continue and you’ll enter a page like this

Copy and paste the code to your website :

For Website :

Copy paste the code at the top of the index HTML file

For Blogger :

Enter your Blogger Dashboard. Click Design and click Edit HTML. Copy paste the code on the top of the editor

For WordPress :

Enter your Dashboard. Click Appearance then click Editor. Choose header.php. Copy Paste the code on the top of the editor


What you can do in Google Analytics?

To maximize your Adsense Income, you can track and analyze what is your most profiting article from your website. By knowing which article can generate more income for your website, you can write something similar to the article.

You can access it through Adsense menu on the left side of Google Analytics Page.

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