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Let’s learn love from lizards

Okay. Today i share a very touching story about lizards. This story came from Japan. In this story we will learn about love again. With love, anything can happen. Nothing imposibble for love. Here are the story


When renovating a house, someone tried to broke down the wall. Houses in Japan usually have an empty space between the walls that made from wood. When the walls start falling, he found a lizard trapped between the empty space in his feet attached to a letter.

He felt pity but curious too. Then after he checked the letter, he apparently know that the letter existed there 10 years ago when the house was first built.

What happened ? How lizards can survive with conditions that trapped for 10 years?

In the dark for 10 years, without moving a muscle , it is something that is impossible and unreasonable .
The man then thought, how the lizard that can survive for 10 years without moving from his place since his leg attached to the letter ! How does he eat?

The man then stopped the work and pay attention to the lizard . What the lizard do and what to eat to survive. Then after a while, do not know where it comes from, the other lizard come up with food in its mouth ..

The man was touched to see that. Turns out there was a lizard who always noticed that the lizard was trapped for 10 years.

It was a love, love is beautiful. Love can happen even in small animals such as two- tailed lizard is. What can be done by love ? Of course, a miracle. Imagine, the lizard was never surrendered and never stopped take care of its friends for 10 years. Imagine how small animals like them have a really amazing gifts…

So… Never abandon your loved ones ! Love other people with pure heart and don’t expect something back then your life will be much happier.

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