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Just 80 days, iPad already sold more than 3 million

Apple really made success with their new product, iPad. Just imagine, in just 80 days there were 3 million units consumers purchased iPad.
No doubt, this also makes the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs satisfied. He also claimed that his computer tablet have become part of new lifestyle for users.
“People have fallen in love with iPad and this tool also has become part of their lives,” he said, in an official statement by Apple.

To describe how popular iPad is, Jobs claimed that since released into the market, an iPad units have been sold every three seconds. “We continue to work hard to create this amazing product into the hands of citizens of the world,” he said.

iPad itself has not yet enter all countries in the world. Next month, Steve Jobs ensuring the presence of their new product will penetrate on new nine countries.
Meanwhile, to support applications from developers, Jobs also claimed that 11 000 new applications were created for the iPad.

Here some of Unpack and Full Review of iPad uploaded on Youtube

What a fantastic product by Apple, this trend reminds me when iPod released for the first time. Apple always can make his consumers very interested to buy their products.

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