Jessica Nigri – Hottest Cosplayer Girl from Comic Conventions

Who is Jessica Nigri? Maybe many of you doesnít know or never heard about this name. But if you follow about gaming news event every year, you would be noticed about this girl. Jessica Nigri is a famous cosplayer and known as the Hottest Cosplayer in Comic Con 2009. If you ever watch the pictures of cosplay babes in Comic Con 2009, you may have seen many of pictures of her. Sheís the blonde cute girl dressed up as Pikachu. But not like the usual Pikachu costume weíre used to seeing, Jessica Nigri wearing her own version of Pikachu costume which is very very sexy. Since then she has cosplayed many other characters from different anime and video games such as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, Mew from Pokemon, Dark Magician Girl from Yu Gi Oh, Yoko from Gurren Lagann, etc. Last time, Jessica Nigri once again appear on this yearís Comic Con and still looking good as ever. This time Jessica wearing a Morrigan costume from Darkstalkers.

Jessica Nigri in Morrigan Costume

Jessica's Morrigan Costume on Comic Con 2010

Famous because of Pikachu Cosplay

Before Comic Con event in 2009, no one know about Jessica Nigri. Even now if you search on Wikipedia, there will be no info about her. But her name become famous arround the world, when everybody searches on yahoo and google after her hot appearance as Pikachu in San Diego Comic Con 2009. Wearing a sexy upper and yellow mini skirt, Jessica attarcted many people on the event. Since then everybody seems curious and search more info about her.

Jessica First Costume - Pikachu

Sexy Pikachu : Jessica First Costume in Comic Con 2009

Before appear in that conventions, Jessica never try wearing costume before. In first, she did not really have a strong desire to go to convention because she had no idea what costume she want to wear. But when her friend give her a tickets to the conventions, she finally make a costume. She decide to choosed Pikachu costume for Comic Con 2009 after she played Pokemon Red on her Gameboy Color for long time.

Jessica Nigri as Model

One of Jessica Nigri Photo Session as Model

A Professional Model who love Animes & Video Games

Jessica Nigri actually is a professional model who loves animes since 5 years old.† Her favorite animes are Gurren Lagann, Basilisk, Dragonball Z,†Pokemon and Spawn. Aside from watching anime and cosplaying, Jessica spend most of her time by playing video games. When a child, Jessica was living in New Zealand. The reason why she choose Pikachu as her first cosplay costume is because of her loves Pokemon movie so much. At first, she was furious when the previous TV show she usually watch, BeetleBorgs switched with Pokemon. But after got a couple epsiodes, Jessica start love Pokemon after watched the touching scene where Ash saves Pikachu from huge flock of spearow.

Jessica Nigri Cosplay Transformation

The first costume play Jessica wear is Pikachu costume in Comic Con 2009. Since then she already tried many cosplay based on many characters from anime and games. Here are her transformation :

Pikachu from Pokemon

Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2

Emma Frost from X-Men

Emma Frost from X-Men

Mew from Pokemon

Dragonair from Pokemon

Zangoose from Pokemon

Dark Magician Girl from Yu Gi Oh

Tsunade from Naruto

Tsunade from Naruto

Yoko S.T.A.R. from Gurren Lagann

Yoko S.T.A.R.S.

Jolteon from Pokemon

Morrigan (White Succubus) from DarkStalkers

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