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Investing & Trading Lesson

January 11th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

From today, i tried to post some basic knowledge about investing and trading. This is usefull especially for them who don’t know too much about investing and trading field.

I already attended couple of trading seminar workshop in my country. Average fee of the workshop is about $800 – $2000 here. I’m sure it’s must be more expensive in the other country. And i am totally disagree about this price actually. Why? Because what they teach to us is only the basic. We can get all the material from books or the internet easily. It’s impossible to master this field in just couple of days workshop. Almost all successful investor & trader i know, they have minimum 2 year experiences of trading before generating some consistent income. Most of them ever got severe losses on their first 6 months of trading. This is very common. So i assume it’s ok there’s fee for that workshop, but not that expensive. I think the fair price for these workshop is about $100. And the bad thing i found here is most of the teacher isn’t trading for living. They know about trading but they just make small profit from it. Just based on that, they dare to open some seminar and teach some students. This what i dislike about the trading workshop seminar in Indonesia. I don’t know how about workshop seminar in the other country. So i tried to summarize all of material i’ve learn from these workshop. And these material is the same material if you attended workshop around. It’s just more completed i assume. Ok… today is first part of the lesson. i tried to make this as the main roadmap for you to learn about investing & trading. This is the step by step lesson how you master this field. Here the list :

Step 01 – Know and Understand about the risks of Investing & Trading

Step 02 – Basic Knowledge of Investing & Trading

Step 03 – Difference between Investor and Trader

Step 04 – Physcology of Trading

Step 05 – Market Analysis

Step 06 – Money Management

Step 07 – Trading Style

Step 08 – How to Open Account on Online Brokers

Hopefully, i can make an ebook to cover all this material more detail.

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    April 1st, 2010 at 22:12 | #3

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