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Inspiration behind the founding of Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the greatest and the most famous university in the world right now. Stanford enrolls approximately 6,800 undergraduate and 8,300 graduate students from the United States and around the world. Stanford is ranked second among world universities by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, and its undergraduate program is currently ranked fourth in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. But there only a few of people who knows about the story how Leland Stanford and Jane Stanford built the university the first time.Maybe this article has been posted many times in emails or on other sites. But there’s nothing wrong I will repeat this amazing story once again here. Here’s the story of the beginnings of the establishment of a world-renowned universities.

A woman who wear her faded dress hold her husband hand who wearing simple and shabby clothing, got off the train in Boston, and walked timidly toward the head office of Harvard University.
Upon arrival, the secretary of the University already despise them and thought that they are only village people who don’t have any business at all in Harvard and probably did not deserve to be in Cambridge.

"We want to see Head of Harvard University," the husband said softly.
"Today, he was very busy," said the Secretary fastly.
"We’ll wait," replied the woman.

During four hours the secretary ignored them, hoping that the couple would finally become discouraged and leave. But they were not. The secretary getting frustrated, and finally decided to report to the leaders.

"Maybe if you meet them for a few minutes, they’ll go," he said to the Head of Harvard University.

The head of university sighed and nodded grimly. People as important as him would not have time for them. And when he saw two people dressed in faded and threadbare clothes outside his office, his displeasure already emerged. The head of Harvard, with a stern face finally meet the couple.

The woman told him, "We have a son who studies the first year at Harvard. He loved Harvard and happy here. But a year ago, he died in an accident. We want to establish a warning for him, somewhere on this campus. may I? "he asked, with eyes that hope.
The head of Harvard is not touched, even his face reddening. He looked surprised.

"Madame," he said brusquely, "We can not build monuments to every person who entered Harvard and died. If we do that, this place would have been like a tomb. "
"Oh, no," the lady explained quickly, "We do not want to establish a memorial. We want to give a building to Harvard. "

The head of the Harvard rolled her eyes. He glanced at the faded shirt and threadbare clothes they wear and shouted, "A building! Do you know what the price of a building? You need to have more than 7.5 million dollars just for the physical building to Harvard. "

For a moment she was silent. The head of Harvard’s happy. Maybe he can be rid of them now. The woman turned to her husband and said quietly, "If only as much as it cost to start a university, why do not we make yourself?"
Her husband nodded. Head of Harvard’s face showed confusion. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford got up and walked away, traveling to Palo Alto, California, where they founded a university that bears their name, a memorial to a child who is no longer neglected by Harvard.

The university is Stanford University, one of the favorite universities in the U.S. upper class.

The moral message we can learn from the story is “dont judge by the cover”. As head of Harvard, we often dazzled by the clothes, and the outer apperance. In fact, behind the clothes, sometimes there are priceless thing we can’t imagine. So, let us not always neglect, because the clothes, often deceptive.

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