Indomie’s Vegan Instant Noodle (Mie Instan Vegan) finally released

It’s a happy news for vegetarian people in Indonesia. PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur as the largest instant noodle manufacturer finally released two product of vegetarian instant noodle in Indonesia. As the largest instant noodle manufacturer, it’s been long awaited by many vegetarian people in Indonesia. Many people just wondering “when Indomie will released vegetarian instant noodle to the market”. Several years ago, i remembered Indomie ever released vegetarian instant noodle. But it a fail. The taste is awful, i tried it once and never bought again.
This time, Indofood seems already learned from the past mistake. Both of the new product have good taste. Here are the vegetarian instant noodle released by Indomie :

Indomie Mie Goreng Vegan

Indomie Rasa Sup Sayuran Vegetarian

Finally, yesterday i’ve tried Indomie’s vegetarian instant noodle (Mie Goreng Vegan). Hmmmm… It’s yummy….. I already tried the other flavour (Rasa Sup Sayuran Vegan) a month ago. I got the Mie Goreng Vegan from my friend, Dwi. She bought the noodle in supermarket near her house and give 2 package to me on sunday. Three days ago, i checked on Carrefour, but there is only Rasa Sup Sayuran Vegan on the display. But knowing that my friend could get it on the supermarket, it seem that both of the product already distributed in all supermarket right now. It’s really happy news for us. As vegetarian people, we now can easily bought instant noodle in supermarket right now.

In mailing list, i found several people who doubt whether this Indomie Mie Vegan is really vegetarian food? At first, i was thinking the same way about this. But finally, there is someone who gives evidence that Mie Vegan of Indomie have been passed through tests in Hong Kong. It’s proved that Mie Vegan of Indomie doesn’t contain any animal specific gene sequence.  If you want to see the document can click the link below

Ok… enough blogging this time.

I have to go, just want to writing something before i go home to my hometown.

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  1. Is there anywhere I can order this online!? I’m from aus and I’m pretty sure we don’t have the Vegan Mi Goreng here.