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In Memoriam, Steve Jobs, The Inspiring Man that Change the World

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Hearing the news of Steve Jobs death was so shocking to me. He died on October 5, 2011 at the age of 56 because of his pancreatic cancer. I am one of Apple products lover. I use MacBook as my primary computer since 4 years ago. I know that some of the Apple’s spectacular creations was came from Steve Jobs masterpiece. Therefore, I quite admire him. So, to commemorate Steve Jobs and introduced to the world how great of a Steve Jobs, I want to write a short biography of Steve Jobs in 7 phases which we can learn from the life of Steve Jobs during his life, 56 years.

Although a bit long, I think this article is very short to tell a great story on Steve Jobs himself. The story that changed the world and inspire the world of technology.

Steve was born with the name of Steve Paul Jobs. Born on February 25, 1955 in San Francisco, United States, Jobs get his name from the adopted parents Paul and Clara Jobs. It was unclear why Jobs was adopted by these two men.

Steve Jobs’s biological father has a brilliant brain. The father, Abdulfattah John Jandali is a professor of political science. While his mother, Joanne Simpson is a speech therapist.


Began to build Apple Company

Jobs started work in 1974 on the Atari as professional technician. Atari is a company that designed the circuit board. In 1976, Jobs founded the company with his partner Steve Wozniak, the company now well-known as the biten white apple logo, Apple. With a vision to change the world, Jobs started his career.

After removing the first computer called the Macintosh, Steve Jobs was fired by Apple CEO John Sculley. Internal tensions cause rift working relationship that also affected for declining corporate performance after that. Jobs also regarded as a bad-tempered, easily change his mind and stubborn.

From this point, it seems clear that Jobs was at the lowest point in his life, abandoned by his partner and must get out of the company he founded.


Establish NeXT Computer

It’s not Steve Jobs if he give up because of that. Jobs then establish a new company called NeXT Computer. The product produced by NeXT Computer is considered failed and costly. Until these times, Steve Jobs suffer was not over yet. Even failed, this experience make Steve’s career better in the future.


Achieve success at Pixar

Steve Jobs acquired a small animation film studio Pixar in 1986. Pixar started to move successfully in the following year. Jobs achieved his success after the release of Toy Story in 1995. From this, we can learn that Jobs always make his own success path. Without looming by the shadow of his past, Jobs can start his own success story in different field (not computer industry, but film animation).

NeXT Acquisition by Apple

At the end of 1996, Jobs was trying to make Apple acquire NeXT Computer. With pretext that NeXT operating system was required by Apple, Jobs finally sold NeXT Computer to Apple for USD 429 Million. At this point, we can see that Jobs was once again once again achieve his success like what he did in Toy Story. Jobs also managed to transform the company into something worth that previously not profitable for him.


Steve Jobs returned to Apple

Because of his talents, Jobs finally returned to Apple eventually and served as CEO. From 1997, Jobs released a phenomenal products like  iPod, iMac, iPhone, iPad and iCloud that make Apple achieve great success, even in the stock market. Jobs achieve his success because of hard work, unyielding spirit and his desire to create products that change the world, according to Apple’s vision when he founded the first time.


Be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Jobs must haunted his success and glory with pancreatic cancer in August 2004 and eventually had to undergo surgery. Jobs, who eventually was chose as the American best CEO, repeatedly must leave work because of his poor health conditions. Here, Jobs was still thinking about the world and continue to create products while still in an unhealthy condition.


Jobs once again resigned from Apple

Jobs knew that he can survive long enough and thought for the good of the company. The team finally chose Cook as the next CEO of Apple. That time Steve Jobs decide to resigned from Apple. By reason of his health conditions, Jobs officially resigned on August 24, 2011. Public had doubts Apple for a while after Steve Jobs resigned. Although the stock market had showed declines, the stock finally recovered later.


His death was considered a loss to the world of techology

October 5, 2011, Jobs had to leave the world he loved, the public loved him. Jobs died at the age of 56, seven years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. On his death he was widely described as a visionary, pioneer and genius in the field of innovation, and product design, and a man who had profoundly changed the face of the modern world. His death was widely mourned and considered a loss to the world.

Steve, who was once famous for his temper, even now regarded as a visionary. In the family, he is regarded as a warm father. Many people who publicly expressed his appreciation for the contribution of Steve Jobs in the technology world, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.


After know Steve Jobs story, I feel motivated by his life story. Jobs are very popular because of his contribution to technology. He was also unyielding to circumstances, always strive to be better and give better. Although not all people have Apple gadget, I think most people know what it is Apple. His masterpieces will be remembered in generations.

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