How to remove NavBar (Navigation Bar) in Blogger (Blogspot)

If you build a new blog in Blogger (Blogspot) and using original template that provided, then a Navbar Navigation will appear on the top of your blog. strong>Navbar (Navigation Bar) is a facility that originally exist in Blogger original Template. Navigation Bar is small panel that located at the top of the blog as the facility for blogger users to do several action like follow, share, report abuse a blog that created on Blogger CMS.
blogger navigation bar

But there are some bloggers will prefer cleaner interface without navigation bar on the top of their blogs. A lot of blogger template that available to download in the internet are already deactivate this navigation feature. So how to remove this navigation bar?

Follow the simple step below to remove Navigation Bar
1. You need to login to
2. Then Select Layout -> Edit HTML
3. Copy the following script inside head tag

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

4. Save Template
5. Open your blog again, and the navigation bar already disappear.

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