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How to place HTML Tags and Code on our Blog Post in Blogger

When you writing a post on your blog, sometimes you want to include HTML tags or code into the post, especially if you're writing a blog about about making website with HTML or the HTML tutorial. You have to demonstrate it by telling any formula in the HTML code into the post. Well .. Did you know that not all the HTML tags and code can be written in post by simply typing a character on keyboard or by copy paste the code to your post (This at least applies to Blogspot. It shouldn’t be a problem to type directly on WordPress).

For example, if you want to write HTML like this sentence:

<b> example of bold </ b>

If you write a sentence above along with their HTML code in the post after publishing, you will not see the same thing again, your writing becomes thick and the tags will disappeared. Blogger will assumes 'tags' that you write it is a HTML code and Blogger will automatically convert it into this :

example of bold

So how to type a HTML tags on blogger, so it can’t be converted by blogger. The answer is just use the code 'Entity'. Entity code is the code used to display certain characters in the world of HTML programming.

Entity code for < is &lt; and > is &gt;
So you can write it like this (before publishing):

&lt;b&gt; example of bold &lt;/b&gt;

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